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Fan Fiction by: Prince Shadari

"They all run about, enjoying themselves."  A pink pony grinned to herself as she took a secret passage hidden in the back of Sugar Cube Corner.  "They go about their business, enjoying my parties, making their friendship."  The pony walked down the spiral stairs, closing the passage behind her.  "They're all innocent, and yet they don't realise the real power that they hold."  Lights came on as the pony entered what appeared to be some sort of factory.  "However the Elements of Harmony will all be mine soon.  Ever since I found out what the sixth element was I have been preparing," The pony took a lift up to some rafters, gazing over the factory.

"Soon, I will unleash my ponybots.  Equestria will be mine, soon… soon…"  The pony walked across the rafters, stopping half way through to gaze at her greatest creation.  "Nothing will stop me, nothing can stop me.  I will succeed and the world shall bow down to PINKIE PIE!"  Pinkie's laugh echoed through the factory.  The lights of her ponybot army started to light up.  They rumbled as the tunnels to the surface began to open.  Within the hour her ponybot army will have emmerged all over Equestria, with the focus being on taking down the Princesses in Canterlot.  But she had already collected four out of the six elements, Generosity, Kindness, Honesty along with her own element of Laughter were powering her ponybots.  Only Magic and Loyalty left; then nothing could stop her.

"PONYBOTS!" She called out, a manic grin on her face.  "Bring me Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash."


Rainbow Dash felt the most comfortable that she could remember.  She was warm, her bed of clouds were soft, and she just wanted to lay there all day.  She heard a slight rumbling but she didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it, probably just a part of her dream.

"RAINBOW DASH!" Twilight's voice was loud, startling the blue pegasus.  She started upright, looking around for her purple unicorn friend.  She was no where to be seen.  "Oh good you're awake, I need you to come to the library ASAP something terrible is going on."

"Twilight…?" Rainbow Dash asked tentatively, "Is this some sort of dream?"

"I'm using Telepathy to talk to you if that's what you're really wondering." Twilight's voice said irritatedly.  "Just come to the Library.  Meet me downstairs and take the balcony to get in."

Rainbow Dash frowned, her question hadn't been answered.  Still, dream or not she couldn't leave Twilight in trouble.  The blue pegasus exited her house immediately registering the ponybots below her house.  The bots looked at her before shooting nets at the pony.

"Not today." Rainbow Dash said, rocketing up to avoid the nets.  She thought she managed to escape the ponybots, but she met ones that were flying.  She swerved, avoiding more nets and now energy blasts.  "Just what in Equestria is going on?"  Rainbow Dash said to herself as she rocketed off towards the library.  Things in Ponyville weren't much better, ponybots swarmed the streets, dragging ponies off and causing complete and utter chaos.  Rainbow Dash burst through the top balcony right into the Library.

"Rainbow Dash, change Target objective." Several ponybots with propellers attached to their backs turned to face the pegasus.  This was the first time Rainbow had a good close-up view of the ponybots.  They looked looked like ponies, but they were made entirely out of metal.  Some of them had what appeared to be energy cannons sticking out of their chests.  "Capture Rainbow Dash."

"Oh no you don't."  Rainbow Dash charged forward, bucking one of the ponybots.  Upon impact the ponybot exploded with a small pop, and a small animal hopped out of the body.  "Animals?  They've got ANIMALS inside them!?"  Rainbow Dash said in shock.  She heard Fluttershy mention that she noticed that the animals around Ponyville seemed to be disappearing; however Rainbow Dash hadn't spoken with Fluttershy in a few days.  Actually, the only ponies that she could recall seeing the day before that she was friends with were Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.

"WHAO!"  Rainbow Dash leaped into the air, barely missing an energy blast that had been fired by one of the ponybots.  "Alright, no more miss nice pony."  Rainbow Dash dived, bucking each of the ponybots in turn.  They all made popping noises as they exploded releasing their little animals inside.

"Rainbow Dash, HURRY!  I think they've almost found me." Twilight's voice rang in Rainbow's head.  The pegasus flew downstairs her hoof outstretched.  She rammed into a ponybot standing at the bottom of the stairs sending it flying into two more ponybots.  All three ponybots exploded releasing their animal captives.  Dash didn't even stop to see if there were any other ponybots; she just went flying straight down the stairs to the basement.

Twilights' lab was in tatters, her machines were broken, her books were scattered, and she was nowhere to be found.  The ponybots all turned to look at Rainbow Dash as she careered down into them.  They moved to attempt capture, but too slow.  Ten seconds flat and they were all destroyed.  The animals hopped around Rainbow Dash for a minute before running to the stairs.  "TWILIGHT!  Where are you!?"  Rainbow Dash called, looking around.

"Over here!"  Twilight's voice came, though this time Dash was certain that it wasn't in her mind.  The pegasus turned around to see Twilight emerging from a hidden door behind a bookcase.  "Oh Rainbow, I was so scared.  They took Spike, and I only just had time to hide back here."

"Back there?" Rainbow Dash asked, flying over to the purple unicorn.  "What's back there, I never knew there was a secret door back there."

"It's my private study."  Twilight said walking out.  "I found it when I was investigating the library mostly furnished already.  I go there when I need some alone time."

"Well how are we going to escape?" Rainbow Dash said looking around.  "The whole place is surrounded by those ponybots."

"Well they've got to be coming from somewhere." Twilight reasoned.  "I'll stay here and use my magic to try and see if I can find some focal point where they're being controlled from."

"Focal point?" Rainbow Dash said, "This have anything to do with how they've got animals inside them?"

"That's likely just the power source." Twilight said, "And looking over these bodies I can tell that their CPU is all but missing.  This must mean that their programming is being broadcast from somewhere.  If I can zero-in on where the signal is coming from we can bust in and stop all of this."

"And what do I do?" Rainbow Dash said slightly irritated.

"Scout around Ponyville and see if you can tell where they're coming from" Twilight said, levitating a few of the ponybot bodies into her hiding spot.  "Also keep an eye out for Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, or Fluttershy.  I'm worried about them.  I'll keep you up to date with my progress through Telepathy."

"And how am I supposed to tell you of my progress?" Rainbow Dash said placing her hooves on her hips.

"Oh, when I contact you you'll be able to tell me what you need to." Twilight said "It's a part of the telepathy magic."

"One more thing, just how long have you been able to read ponies' minds?" Rainbow Dash said frowning.

"I can't read ponies' minds Rainbow Dash, it's a mental link that I'm able to send thoughts across."  Twilight said walking over to the secret room.  "And I learned relatively recently.  To be honest I tried it out for the first time with you."

"And if you could contact me then why can't you contact Pinkie Pie or anypony else?" Rainbow Dash said pointing a hoof at Twilight.  "How do I not know that YOU'RE responsible for all this, or if you're some sort of SPY."

"Rainbow, if I was behind this then why would I send ponybots after you?" Twilight said rolling her eyes.  "Besides, I've tried to connect with them and I haven't gotten any response.  You're the only one it seemed to work with."  Rainbow Dash gave a scrutinizing look at the purple unicorn.  "Hey I don't know why that is."  Twilight shouted.  "Ugh, listen we're wasting time."

"Alright, you do your magic and I'll try and find where they're coming from." Rainbow Dash said.  She dashed up the stairs and out the front door knocking down several ponybots that were blocking the door.  This is going to be tricky.


Pinkie Pie sat in front of several monitors, surveying the damage.  Her brilliance was only matched by her insanity, and ever since she removed that annoying element of laughter she had found that it had been so much clearer to think.  Who else could have created an army of ponybots?  Who could have invented cameras, had them placed all around Equestria, and the monitors that displayed the feed?  No other pony matched her brilliance, she even knew of a way to keep her friends close without them protesting at her actions.

"Milady," Rarity's voice came from behind Pinkie Pie.  The pink pony swivelled around, facing the robot representation of the unicorn.  Yes, her friends would all be close to her and never again would they doubt her judgement.  "The ponybots have found Rainbow Dash; she appears to be avoiding them while circling Ponyville."

"She'll tire eventually." Pinkie Pie said with a grin, "She can't fly away forever.  News on Twilight?"

"No sign of her since she escaped into her laboratory." The robotic Rarity said.  "A second wave was sent in after Rainbow Dash exited the Library, the advanced party was heavily damaged and mostly missing."

"Rainbow Dash must be searching for Twilight." Pinkie Pie said to herself, swivelling around to face the monitors again.  "If we could only find her… wait!"  Pinkie Pie bounced up, rounding on the robotic Rarity.  "Did you say that she disappeared into the lab?"

"Yes milady, we-" Rarity stared, but was cut off.

"Silence, I need to think." Pinkie Pie said drawing a line with her hoof.  Twilight's lab was underneath the library… Pinkie Pie thought to herself.  There's no escape that she could possibly have found.  Unless she found my passage to the library.  If she found that passage she could have hidden from the Ponybots, and be on her way to this lab at this instant.  Pinkie Pie's blood ran cold.  If Twilight found her way to the Elements of Harmony she could pose a serious threat.  I'm going to need to get to her before she gets to me.  With any luck she doesn't suspect anything and I can lure her to the extraction chamber then use her for bait for Rainbow Dash.

"Rarity, tell the ponybots to retreat from Rainbow Dash." Pinkie Pie said walking towards the robotic pony.

"Milady?" Rarity asked confusion in her voice.

"We're going to make Rainbow Dash come to us."

"Come on… come on… where are you getting transmissions from?"  Twilight muttered, her magic fizzled around the machinery.  Though she was trying her hardest the machine was just too badly damaged to offer any hope.  "Ugh, it's no use."  Twilight collapsed on the ground, exhausted from her attempts to trace the signal.

Twilight started as she heard one of her bookshelves start to creak open.  Had the ponybots found her hiding spot at last?  She jumped to her feet, whirling around to face where she heard the creak.  It wasn't the bookcase that led to her now wrecked lab, but rather one she had used before.  "Twilight!"  Pinkie Pie's voice came in a loud whisper from behind the case.  One pink hoof protruded from behind the case, beckoning Twilight.  "In here, hurry."

"PINKIE PIE!" Twilight shouted, though immediately covering her mouth as if that could silence what she had just shouted.

"Quiet!  Or they may find us." Pinkie's voice came, this time included with her head.  "Hurry."

Twilight hurried behind the case, and found out why she hadn't been able to move it before.  It appeared to be bolted to a mechanical door that Pinkie had opened with a switch.  The door slowly creaked close as Pinkie reversed the switch.

"Oh Pinkie, I'm so glad that you're safe." Twilight said reaching out and hugging her friend.

"Of course I'm safe, what else would I be?"  Pinkie said with a slight roll of the eyes.  "And I found the base of the pony who's behind this."

"Awesome, can you lead me there?" Twilight said with an eager grin.

"Of course!  Then we can take the bad-guy down together!" Pinkie said rearing and punching the air with her front hooves.

"Oh, can you tell me how you got to the base from above ground as well?" Twilight asked.

"Why would you need to know that?  We're underground silly." Pinkie Pie said frowning.

"I've been communicating with Rainbow Dash through this new telepathy spell I found."  Twilight said, "I can instruct her where to go so that she'll be able to meet us."

"Hmm…" Pinkie Pie said, putting a hoof to her chin.  "I don't know... I was captured like Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy."

"So you don't know where an entrance is…" Twilight said with a sigh.  "Oh well, I'll still call Rainbow Dash and let her know that you're ok at least."  Twilight closed her eyes, concentrating as magic glowed around her horn.  A brash sense of confidence found her mind, something easily making the connection between them.  "Rainbow Dash, I found Pinkie Pie" Twilight Sparkle thought.

"That's good, is she alright?"  Rainbow Dash's voice returned in Twilight's head.

"She's fine, she was captured by whoever is orchestrating this whole thing" Twilight thought back.  "She's going to lead me back to the base.  After I'm there I'll lead you to it."

"Awesome, I can't wait to kick the tail of whoever has been tearing up Ponyville" Rainbow Dash's voice came back.  Twilight could almost imagine her punching the air with her hooves as Pinkie Pie had just done.

"Any luck finding where the ponybots are coming from?"  Twilight thought back.

"No luck yet," Rainbow Dash replied, "Though they've stopped chasing me.  It's made is much easier to search.  Wait, I think I see where they might be coming from.  Sorry Twilight I'm going in."

"Well that's weird…" Twilight said frowning.

"What's weird?" Pinkie Pie asked cocking her head slightly.

"The Ponybots have stopped chasing Rainbow Dash." Twilight said "I wonder why they did that?"

"All the better for her!" Pinkie Pie said, "Come on follow me!  And stay quiet; we don't want to tip the bots off where we are."

"Right, but first I have to ask." Twilight said as the two ponies started down the tunnel.  "How did you find me?"

"I ran down the first tunnel I came to." Pinkie Pie said, "And I ran into that dead end.  I heard your voice from the other side of the door and I thought 'Twilight will know what to do!  She can help me save Applejack, Rarity, AND Fluttershy'.  So I pulled the lever and here we are!"

"Well it doesn't make me feel any better that my secret place to think was connected to some madpony's base." Twilight said with a flat tone.

The two ponies walked in silence down the tunnel.  It seemed rather peculiar to Twilight how calm and quiet Pinkie Pie was being.  She had known the pony for some time now, and she was always extremely talkative and hyperactive.  Perhaps having her friends kidnaped unearthed a dormant strain of seriousness in Pinkie Pie.  But it felt so unnatural, like there was something inherently wrong with it.  Twilight resolved to keep on the tips of her hooves, just in case something was up.

What seemed like an eternity of silence later, sound started to echo down the tunnel. Marching robots, the sounds of machines making more machines, and the whine of a power source accompanied the ponies' breathing.

"We're almost there."  Pinkie Pie whispered, holding a hoof to her mouth.  "We should split up once we're there.  I don't know where our friends are being kept, splitting up would double our chances of finding them."

Twilight nodded, it made sense.  It also meant that if one of them was captured then the other one had the chance to rescue them all.  "Alright, I'll go right and you go left."

"No, I came from the right so I'll go right." Pinkie Pie said, "There were several side passages that I saw and explored during my escape.  It makes more sense that I go that direction as I know the areas I've already searched."

Twilight blinked.  It was very odd being told about a logical course of action by Pinkie Pie of all ponies.  "Pinkie, are you feeling alright?"

"No, I'm not."  Pinkie Pie said frowning.  "I'm stressed, worried, and I don't know if I'll be able to party again if any of my friends die."

Twilight gulped, the air around her suddenly feeling unnaturally cold.  She hadn't considered that possibility yet.  She knew that Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were all right, but what about Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity?  Could one of them really be dead?  Twilight shook her head; she wouldn't permit herself to think about that.  Suddenly it make more sense why Pinkie Pie wasn't being so light-hearted, even she knew how dire the situation was.  Twilight felt like a foal for not realising it sooner.

"All right, I'll go left and you go right." Twilight said.  "We'll meet back at this tunnel in an hour ok?"

"Okie-dokie." Pinkie Pie said.  The two ponies fell silent at the saw the end of the tunnel approaching.

Twilight was astonished at the size of the base when she emerged with pinkie pie on some rafters.  She was above the floor, by at least two stories.  The two ponies looked at each other; a determined look was reflected in both their eyes.   They nodded, silently went off on their separate directions.

I had best not use my magic just yet.  Twilight thought as she found some stairs leading down from the rafters.  Just in case it draws attention to me.

"Help, oh dear somepony any pony help!"  Twilight heard the soft voice coming from her left as she got off the stairs.

Fluttershy!  Twilight thought to herself, careful not to shout out.  Don't worry Fluttershy, I'm coming!  Twilight galloped towards the voice, it appeared to be coming out of some sort of container.  The purple pony hurtled into the container, only to find it pitch black.  "Fluttershy?" Twilight called, but the calls had gone silent.  She saw the chink of light from the door of the container close.

Lights, bright lights suddenly flooded the darkness, making Twilight blink and squint trying to see.  She appeared to be in some sort of glass cage, with metal fastenings.  As her eyes adjusted to the light she noticed that in front of the cage was some sort of pedestal, it looked familiar but she couldn't quite place where she had seen it before.

"Ah, my dear friend Twilight.  So nice of you to so naïvely blunder into my trap."   A voice boomed around her.  She knew that voice, it was unmistakable.

"Pinkie Pie?  Is that you?" Twilight asked looking around.  "What's going on?  Your trap?"

"Well, I could indulge you." Pinkie Pie's voice boomed again.  "But for now all I need is your element."

"Element?" Twilight said confused.  Then she recognized it.  The pedicel was exactly like the ones in the ruins of the pony sisters, the ones that held the Elements of Harmony.  "What are you going to do!?"

"I need the Elements of Harmony to assure my total conquest of Equestria." Pinkie Pie said giggling.  "But the problem is they transferred to six particular ponies, including myself.  I've extracted that annoying element of Laughter from myself though; don't you think I'm better off for it?  I can think much more clearly now.  I've also extracted the elements of Honesty, Kindness, and Generosity."

"What are you talking about!?" Twilight said, stepping around nervously in her cage.

"Well, it'd be easier just to show you." Pinkie Pie's voice came.

Show me?  Twilight wondered as humming started around her.  Then a strange feeling, a clenching pressure inside her chest.  All of a sudden pain hit Twilight; every inch of her body was aching and screaming in utter agony.  It was too much for the pony to take, she knew she was dead, she was going to die.  Her eyes were wide but all she could see was black.  Then her consciousness started to slip, and she was unconscious.


Rainbow Dash was investigating Sugar Cube Corner, trying to see if there was some sort of secret passage where the ponybots were emerging from.  She noticed during her flying around that they seemed to come in large amounts out of the bakery.  However once she destroyed the bots that guarded the place as well as the ones inside she couldn't figure out where they were coming from.

"Hello Rainbow Dash."  Rainbow Dash whirled around at the sound of Applejack's voice.

"APPLEJACK YOU'RE O-" Rainbow dash stopped mid-sentence.  She glared at the robot, it looked like Applejack, it even had her hat.  But it wasn't Applejack, it was a robot.  "Who are you and what have you done with Applejack?"

"It's not me you should be worried about Rainbow." The robotic Applejack said, "I can explain everything.  The thing is unlike Fluttershy and Rarity when I wound up like this I didn't have any loyalty to Pinkie Pie."

"Pinkie Pie!?  What does she have to do with this?" Rainbow Dash asked eyeing the robotic Applejack suspiciously.

"Listen Rainbow, she's behind this.  She turned Rarity, Fluttershy, and myself into Robots, but only after she removed our Element of Harmony." Applejack said, stamping a metal hoof.  "She's planning on doing the same thing with you and Twilight!"

"But Twilight said that she was with Pinkie Pie!" Rainbow Dash said "She said Pinkie was going to lead her to the lair of the pony who planned all this…"  It clicked.  Pinkie Pie could lead Twilight to the base because it was her base.  She wanted the Elements of Harmony and that's why she was after Twilight and Rainbow Dash.  She already had Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and herself, but she turned Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy into robots.  However something went wrong with Applejack and she still had her free will unlike Rarity and Fluttershy.  "We need to get to the base!" Rainbow Dash said flying around in a circle.  "Or Twilight will turn into a mindless robot!"

"Darn right, follow me." The robotic Applejack said, running over to the stairs.  She twisted the third column on the railing, and the stairs descended revealing a secret passage that turned into a spiral staircase.  "We don't have much time."


"Uuuugh…" Twilight said as she began to regain consciousness.  She was sure she wasn't dead, she was in too much pain to be dead.  But there was this emptiness inside of her, something she couldn't explain.  She shook her head, opening her eyes slowly.  She was strapped to some machine, her legs couldn't move and there was a collar around her neck.

"Ah Twilight, how does it to no longer have the Element of Magic stored inside you?" Pinkie Pie said, holding a small purple sphere in front of Twilight.  "Liberating isn't it?"

"Pinkie Pie… what has gotten into you?" Twilight said, feeling betrayed by her friend.  Pinkie Pie had always been her friend, someone who was hyperactive and happy.  Not this, not this… "Weren't we friends?  Why would you do such a thing?"

"We still are friends silly." Pinkie Pie said, reaching a hoof out and scrubbing Twilight's head.  "And we're going to be even better friends once I turn you into a Robot!"

"What?!" Twilight shouted, struggling against her bindings.

"A robot silly; like I did with Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy." Pinkie Pie said bouncing on the spot.  "Once I remove the element of harmony a Pony's personality changes." Pinkie Pie waved the little sphere around again.  "At least it did with me and Fluttershy.  Turning you into a robot allows me to not only make sure you won't betray me but fix your personality as well.  I'm planning on turning everypony in Equestria into robots that do my bidding!"

"YOU'RE INSANE!" Twilight said, struggling even harder against her bindings.  They didn't give.

"Of course, but all the best rulers are insane." Pinkie Pie said grinning.  "Now Fluttershy, please start the machine while I find where Rainbow Dash is.  She has a date with the extractor."

"Of course Pinkie Pie." Pinkie Pie moved, allowing for Twilight to see Fluttershy.  But it wasn't really Fluttershy, but a machine.

"Oh Fluttershy… what did she do to you…?" Twilight said as a glass tube descended from above Twilight covering her in her contraptions.  She closed her eyes as she heard the hum of electricity.  It would be all over, she would be worse than dead.


Rainbow Dash followed Applejack as fast as she could without passing the metallic orange pony.  "Can't you go any faster?" Rainbow Dash complained, "Twilight is in a lot of trouble."

"I know that dagnabit." Applejack spit back, "We're going somewhere of seven stories underground, we ain't goin' ter get there fast now."  Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, but she had to admit that Applejack was going as fast as she could.

The pair came to the bottom of the stairs, coming out on the floor of the factory.  "Find Twilight!" Applejack said, taking across the floor.

Rainbow Dash soared into the air, and started to fly around the gigantic factory.  It must be under all of Ponyville… She thought, How did Pinkie Pie get all of this done?  Then Rainbow Dash heard a familiar voice.

"Now Fluttershy, please start the machine while I find where Rainbow Dash is.  She has a date with the extractor." It was Pinkie Pie!  Rainbow Dash rocketed off towards the voice.  Where was she?  There!  With what looked to be Flutter Shy and, oh no.

"TWILIGHT!" Rainbow Dash rocketed forward once again, her hooves outstretched.  Pinkie Pie looked around just in time to dodge out of the way.  Rainbow Dash crashed into the tube that was slowly filling with smoke and electricity.  It shattered, raining down on Twilight and Pinkie Pie.

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight said looking up at her friend.

"Rainbow Dash." Pinkie Pie said with a glower.  "Fluttershy, capture her, I'll get you some help."  The Pink Pony ran off as the yellow robotic pegasus took to the air.

"Please don't resist," the robotic Fluttershy said, "Resistance is futile."

"I'm sorry Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash said, "But I'm going to need to take you down."  The blue pegasus tackled Fluttershy, driving her into the railing.

Fluttershy didn't even wince, but kicked out hard with one of her fore hooves.  It caught Dash in the face, and the hard metal dazed her.  Fluttershy took the opportunity to pin Rainbow Dash to the walkway.

"Rainbow!" Applejack's voice came, making both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash look over.  The metallic Applejack galloped to Fluttershy, and bucked her off of Rainbow Dash.  "Rainbow, you go get Twilight, I'll take care of Fluttershy."

"Right." Rainbow Dash said, staggering to her feet and gliding over to Twilight.

"Traitor." Rainbow Dash heard Fluttershy's soft voice come from behind her.

"I ain't the one helping the megalomaniac take over the world." Applejack said, the sound of metal hitting metal reached Dash's ears, but no time to worry about that now.

"Twilight!  Are you alright?" Rainbow Dash said, beating the smoke away with her wings.

"My hooves… my hooves…" Twilight moaned.

"What about your hoov- oh my god." Rainbow Dash gasped, Twilight's hooves had all turned to metal.  "Don't worry, I'll get you out of here."  Rainbow Dash pulled at the bindings.  They didn't give.  "I can't pull them off!"

"They're probably locked through the console." Twilight said, "Over there."

Rainbow Dash nodded, flying over to the console.  It looked extremely complicated, filled with nobs, dials, sliders, buttons, and levers.  Rainbow Dash was afraid of messing with it randomly in case she did more damage.  However she had no real choice, and started messing with everything anyway.  A click behind her, followed by metal on metal.

"Oh Rainbow Dash, you did it.  But my poor hooves…" Twilight said looking at her hooves.

"We can worry about that later; right now we've got a major problem." Rainbow Dash said.

"Yes, Pinkie Pie is planning on turning all of Equestria into Robots." Twilight said, "If we don't find her power chamber or her control chamber then nothing will be able to stop her."

A screeching noise came towards the ponies and they both looked down.  There was Applejack, looking determined but a little dinged and scratched up.  "Applejack!  We need to find the control room!" Rainbow Dash said.

"I'm a might busy right now Rainbow." Applejack said getting to her metallic hooves.

"I don't care, listen if we don't stop Pinkie Pie who will?" Rainbow Dash said stepping in front of Applejack.

"Fine, follow me." Applejack said, turning and heading down the ramp.  "But we'll have an angry robot chasing us the whole way."

"All the more reason to hurry." Rainbow Dash said, looking over at Fluttershy.  The yellow pegasus robot pony lifted herself back into the air before diving at the trio of ponies.  "RUN!"  Twilight and Applejack both managed to get out of the way in time.  Rainbow Dash wasn't so lucky having her wing being clipped by Fluttershy.

As Rainbow Dash spun around, trying to regain her composure she noticed something.  Fluttershy had never been the best flier, but as a robot she seemed even more slow.  Rainbow realized though she could dive with metal hooves that hit like bricks, but she couldn't turn as quickly nor could she go as fast.  Dash caught up with Twilight and Applejack, relaying this information to them.

"Tha's all right and interesting an all, but how is that going to help us?" Applejack said as they hurried through the rafters.

"Because it means we can avoid her." Rainbow Dash said, "Particularly if there's a decoy."

"Whatdaya mean decoy?" Twilight said, fear in her face.

"I mean I'm going to keep Fluttershy distracted while you two go and smash up the control room." Rainbow dash said, "I just wish I could be there to see you win, but I'll have a better chance to keep Fluttershy occupied than either of you."  Rainbow Dash smiled, panning away.  She heard Twilight call after her, but she had made her decision.  She saw Fluttershy, and though her instinct was to go in hooves blazing she knew that it would be foolhardy and stupid.  Still, that had never stopped her before so why should it now?

"Hey Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash said as she crashed into Fluttershy, grappling with her mid-air.  "You want my Element?  Well come and get it!"  She broke the grapple off, dashing off.  She just needed to keep the robotic version of her friend busy while Twilight and Applejack stopped Pinkie Pie.


"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called as her friend careened away.

"She knows what she's doing sugar cube." Applejack said, "Come on we've got our own job to do."  Twilight nodded and the two ponies hurried on.

"So how long have you, you know, been a Robot?" Twilight asked as the two hurried down a flight of stairs.

"'Bout two weeks, you seriously haven't noticed my absence?" Applejack said, a slightly hurt tone in her voice.

"Of course I have!  But Pinkie Pie said that she saw you leaving." Twilight said, "Big Mac and Apple Bloom both said you were going on a trip so I just assumed you were on your trip and you'd be back."

"Well I was goin' on a trip, but I never left Ponyville."  Applejack said shaking her head.  "I stopped by the sugar cube corner because Pinkie wanted a word with me.  Next thing I knew I was down here.  It just all spiralled out of control from there."

"I see…" Twilight said as the pair hurried across the floor.  Applejack stopped in front of two large double doors.  "Is this it?" Twilight asked, "The control room?"

"Yeah," Applejack said walking over to a panel on the side of the doors.  "Once we go in we need to work on destroyin' them controls."  Twilight nodded, "Now Rarity likely will be in there with Pinkie Pie.  Don't hesitate if they come after you.  They sure as hell won't."

"Right." Twilight said facing the doors.  She swallowed hard, a part of her still didn't want to hurt Pinkie Pie, or Rarity if she was in there.  She knew though, knew that they weren't the same friends that she had fallen in love with.  They were enemies of hers, of Equestria, and they needed to be stopped.

Applejack pressed her hoof to the panel; Twilight steeled herself for what she knew must be done.  The doors slid open with a slight hiss, Twilight could see Rarity, turned to a Machine like Applejack and Fluttershy, standing next to a chair that must hold Pinkie Pie.  For a moment she was in awe at the monitors that displayed Equestria, such amazing technology she had never seen before.

Then the chair swivelled around, revealing Pinkie Pie sitting in it.  "Applejack, so nice of you to bring Twilight Sparkle directly to me." She said, "I might even overlook your treachery if you take her down right now."

"I ain't working for ya no longer Pinkie Pie!" Applejack said charging in.

"Keep her busy Rarity." Pinkie Pie said, "I want to talk with Twilight for a bit."

"Yes Mistress." Rarity said, stepping in front of Applejack.

Twilight shook her head, she needed to concentrate.  She needed to take Pinkie Pie down.  "What do you want?"

"Join me." Pinkie Pie sad, leaning back in the chair.  "Join me and we can rule Equestria together."

"Are you CRAZY!?" Twilight said her eyes wide.  "After you removed my element!?  After you turned my friends into robots!?  After you tried to turn ME into a robot!?"

"I clearly made some judgement errors." Pinkie Pie said hanging her head slightly.  "But I saw your face when you saw my base; I saw your face when you saw my control room."  Pinkie Pie grinned as Applejack was thrown between the two.  "Think about it Twilight.  I could teach you, teach you the sciences that I have developed.  It would change the world, join me."

Twilight gritted her teeth a worried look on her face.  The technology was tempting, the power was tempting, and the idea of learning something that she had never known before was tempting.  She looked over her shoulder to try and give herself thinking time and avoid looking at her two robotic friends fighting.  Her gaze fell on Rainbow Dash, flying around Fluttershy and keeping them busy.

"Well, Twilight?" Pinkie Pie said.  "Will you take my offer?"

"I…" Twilight said, looking back at Pinkie Pie.  "I…"  She hung her head.  "I accept."

"NO!  TWILIGHT!" Applejack cried out, shortly before being kicked by Rarity.

"Wise move Twilight." Pinkie Pie said, "Come, stand by me and gaze upon Equestria.  Within the hour it will be under my control."

Twilight stepped forward, thinking about how she had just betrayed her friends.  It didn't set right with her, but what else was she going to do?  She couldn't win, they couldn't win.  But the idea hit her, why hadn't she thought of it sooner?  Twilight walked right up to the chair, noticing the controls in the arm.  Without hesitation she bucked out, cracking the chair's arm open, destroying the controls.

"NO!  What have you done?!" Pinkie Pie shouted glaring at Twilight.  "You said you were going to join me!  YOU TRATOR!"

"I realised that sometimes you have to fight the losing battle." Twilight said with a grin as the backed up.  "And you should have realised that your ponybots all being controlled remotely had the flaw of all being put out of commission once the signal was destroyed."  Twilight looked at the monitors, her plan had worked.  The ponybots were falling down, unable to continue their reign of terror any longer.

"Rarity!  Fluttershy!  Retreat, we'll regroup somewhere and try again." Pinkie Pie ordered bouncing out of her chair.

"You think I'm going to let you go anywhere?" Twilight said, standing in front of Pinkie Pie.  "The only place you'll be going is jail."

"I don't think so." Pinkie Pie said with a grin.  Twilight wondered what she could mean before a sharp pain hit her side.  She went flying, collapsing against the monitors.

"Twi! Twi!  Are you alright?"  Twilight squinted to see Applejack's metal face standing over her.  "I was down and Rarity took the opportunity to kick you out of Pinkie Pie's way.  Are you alright."

"Possibly a broken rib or two." Twilight said, getting to her feet, "Or perhaps they're just bruised.  The Elements!"

"Rainbow Dash took after Fluttershy when they were ordered to retreat." Applejack said, "She'll lead her straight to them."

"I hope so." Twilight said, limping slightly as she followed Applejack out of the control room.  "For everypony's sake."


"Hey!" Rainbow Dash said as she noticed Fluttershy suddenly turn and start to fly away.  "Get back here you bucket of bolts, I'm not finished with you!"  The blue pegasus started to follow the yellow robotic pegasus when she noticed moment below her.  Pinkie Pie and Rarity retreating, heading in the same direction as Fluttershy.  "Running away huh?  I guess that means we won!"  Rainbow Dash grinned, "But we can't let them escape, I need to get Pinkie Pie."

Rainbow Dash looked as Fluttershy was getting further away.  She'd follow the pegasus robot until she was able to get close to Pinkie Pie.  Grinning to herself in anticipation Rainbow Dash began to follow Fluttershy, trying to keep her distance so not to alert her of her presence.

Before long she noticed Pinkie and Rarity boarding what appeared to be some sort of machine.  It looked like a giant Pinkie Pie, but filled with weapons as well as wings.  Rainbow Dash shuddered at the idea of a winged Pinkie Pie, even if her friend wasn't that way anymore and was a genuine threat to Equestria the idea of someone with that much energy and the ability to fly frightened her.  Fluttershy dove, landing at the feet of the machine.  Rainbow knew that she couldn't enter it the same place that Pinkie Pie and her entourage were entering.

Rainbow Dash landed on the top of the machine, hoping to find some sort of access panel on the top.  Sure enough, right in the middle of the back.  Opening it with just a spot of difficulty Rainbow Dash found herself in what appeared to be some sort of air duct.  Might as well see where this leads.  Rainbow Dash thought to herself, crawling into the duct and closing the panel behind her.

Rainbow crawled along in complete darkness, looking and feeling for anything that might be an exit.  The machine rattled around her, and she felt it take off.  They were on the move at last.  She took a curve and there it was the light she had been searching for.  Rainbow Dash crawled forward, finally getting to the grate.  She gazed through it, below were several small orbs of different colours, Orange, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple, all arranged around in a circle.  However there seemed to be one missing.  The elements!  Rainbow Dash thought.

The blue pegasus kicked the grate open, crawling out of the duct.  She gazed upon the elements; there was something about them that was calling to her.  They were all on raised pedestals arranged in a circle.  Rainbow Dash stepped into the centre, not sure what she was doing.  Something inside her told her to close her eyes, and she found herself brought back in time.  She remembered that time she helped her friends defeat Nightmare Moon, the elements of Harmony.  Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, and Magic.  Warmth filled her, filling every inch of her body.

Suddenly something jutted from her forehead, and magic flowed through her body.  Rainbow Dash collapsed on the floor, not from pain but from the sheer amount of power that now flowed through her body.  She opened her eyes, each one glowing with the power of the elements.  She knew what had happened, and she knew she now had the power to stop Pinkie Pie.


Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash.  These names floated through Pinkie Pie's mind, and each time one of them came up she became angrier.  She almost had it, Equestria was in her grasp.  Where had it all gone wrong?  Her inattentiveness to Applejack of course.  She had put Applejack to the side, never tested her for loyalty as she had done with Rarity and Fluttershy.  It was a folly that should not have happened; the assumption was her downfall, her own arrogance.

But she still had five of the elements, even without Loyalty that was a good amount of power.  She would go to one of her back-up bases she had prepared and start again.  She still had Rarity and Fluttershy, and she still had her mind.

The doors behind the cockpit of her mech burst open.  Pinkie Pie Whirled around, facing the intruder.  It was Fluttershy and Rarity, both motionless but not severely damaged.  Then somepony that Pinkie Pie never expected walked through the doors.  "Rainbow Dash."

"Yeah, it's me." Rainbow Dash said.  She crouched, pawing the ground and preparing to charge.  Her new horn glowed with magic uncontained, and her whole body was covered in a bright white light.

"I don't suppose you care about Ponyville then do you?" Pinkie Pie said with a malicious grin.  She didn't want to do it, but she was out of options at this point.  Rainbow Dash snorted, a snarl on her face.  "Computer, activate self-destruct of Ponyville Base." Pinkie Pie instructed.

"Self-Destruct activated.  Ponyville base will self-destruct in T- 3 minutes." The computer chimed in.

"What?!" Rainbow Dash said her eyes going wide.

"In three minutes my base at Ponyville will explode, as will most of the town, and anypony caught in the blast likely won't survive." Pinkie Pie said with a dark chuckle.  "It's up to you, stay here and capture me or save Ponyville.  If you can."

"Of course I can." Rainbow Dash said, "I'm the fastest thing alive."


"Base will Self-Destruct in T-2 Minutes." The speakers around the base rang.

"Has it already been a minute?" Twilight said nervously.

"Apparently so sugar cube." Applejack said with a defeated tone in her voice.  "I doubt we'll be able to escape the blast.  Even if we get out of the base in time all of Ponyville will likely go up with the base."

"I don't want to die Applejack." Twilight said, tears in her eyes.  "I don't want to die…"

"Ah know sugar cube." Applejack said, putting a metal hoof around Twilight to comfort her.  "Ah know."

The pair remained silent.  The whole base was quiet, until the speakers announced the self-destruct sequence again.  "Self-Destruct in T-1 Minute"

"Do you think we have any hope Applejack?" Twilight asked, shaking with fear.

"Ah don't know, ah really don't know." Applejack said herself.  Twilight's fear was gripping her like nothing had ever before.  Even when she fought the Ursa Minor she had some idea that she could possibly win.  Now there was no hope, no chance to survive.

"Self-Destruct in T-30 Seconds."

Twilight's tears of fear were flowing freely now.  She closed her eyes, she didn't want to see it happen.

"Self-Destruct in T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…" Twilight prepared herself for death.  "Self-Destruct sequence disarmed.  Cancelling Self-Destruct."  Twilight opened her eyes; she must have misheard the loudspeaker.  Was the self-destruct sequence really cancelling?

"Applejack?  Did I hear what I thought I heard?" Twilight said, looking at her robotic friend.

"You sure as certain did Twi.  Somepony has saved our lives." Applejack said, giving Twilight a light squeeze.

"Of course somepony saved your lives." Rainbow Dash's voice came from behind the pair.  Twilight and Applejack both jumped at the sound of their friend's voice.

"RAINBOW DASH!" The two ponies cried in unison, standing in utter shock of Rainbow's new appearance.

"How did you stop the self-destruct?" Twilight said, "Where's Pinkie Pie?  Why do you look that way, is that a horn?!"

"Whao there," Applejack said, putting a hoof in front of Twilight.  "Give her time to answer one question at a time."

"I'll tell you just what happened." Rainbow Dash said smiling.


"Come on… come on…" Rainbow Dash said, flying as fast as she could.  She had left Pinkie Pie to escape in order to attempt to save her friends.  She didn't have much time left, but she saw the hole where the giant Pinkie machine must have escaped from.  She dived, entering the hole in just barely sub-sonic speeds.

"Self-Destruct in T-1 minute." She heard the loudspeakers announce to the base.  One minute left?  That was hardly any time at all!  But Pinkie Pie had told Rainbow Dash where to go to stop the self-destruct.  The glowing blue winged unicorn dived towards the control room, but when she entered it she saw that the controls had been smashed.  Of course, that's why she retreated in the first place.  That meant the instructions that she had given on how to stop the self-destruct were utterly worthless.  "Self-Destruct in T-30 seconds."

"I'll just have to improvise then." Rainbow Dash said, touching her new horn to the smashed controls.  She had seen Twilight do this before to get a better magical contact, and Rainbow Dash hoped that it would work.  Her magic glowed as she attempted to connect with the computer.  Precious seconds ticked by, then she heard the final count-down.  She needed to hurry.

There!  A connection, she was the computer and the computer was her.  Anything she wanted done would happen, so she immediately disabled all self-destruct sequences permanently.  Once she was satisfied she attempted to find out where Pinkie Pie went, however the pink pony had cut off all connection with the base.  Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth in frustration, but she had one last thing to do before she found Twilight and Applejack.  She shut down all communications to and from the base, a failsafe to ensure that Pinkie Pie couldn't attempt to blow it up again.

With that done Rainbow Dash removed her mind from the computer.  It was slightly disconcerting at first, but within a few seconds she was back to normal.  She looked at the monitors, static on every one.  Smiling, Rainbow Dash trotted off to find her friends.


"So you just let Pinkie Pie get away?" Twilight said with a cocked eyebrow.

"It was her or you!" Rainbow Dash said with a hint of anger.  She didn't need Twilight telling her off.  "Do you think I could have lived with myself if I had let my friends die?  Or are you saying you would have rather died while I took Pinkie Pie in?"

"No of course not." Twilight said backing away slightly.  "A-Anyway, how did you end up like this?  You're glowing and you've got a horn."

"An' you said you did magic with it." Applejack chimed in.

"Well, I think it had something to do with the elements." Rainbow Dash said putting her hoof to her chin.  "I was standing in the middle of this circle created by the elements with my eyes closed.  Suddenly there was this warmth and magic started to flow through me.  When I got to my feet and looked around the elements were gone."

"Strange…" Twilight said, "Perhaps all the elements somehow now reside inside you?"

"Do you really think so?" Rainbow Dash said, looking at herself.  "Am I like some super-pony now?"

"Possibly," Twilight said, "Come on, let's get out of here, this place is starting to give me the creeps."

"Hey, what do you think is going to happen to Pinkie Pie?" Applejack asked as the trio headed towards the stairs that would lead to Sugar Cube Corner.

"I don't know." Rainbow Dash said, "But she isn't going to be happy when she finds out the elements are missing."


Pinkie Pie sat in a large chair viewing a few monitors.  Equestria had mostly recover from her attack several months ago, Rainbow Dash being hailed as a hero.  Rarity and Fluttershy sat like statue on either side of her, silent metal sentries intent on doing nothing more than doing their mistress' bidding.

"Rest while you can Equestria." Pinkie Pie sad, resting her head on her two front hooves.  "Rest while you can.  One day you will be mine."  Pinkie Pie reached forward and pressed a button on the console in front of her.  The six monitors before her switched from their live feeds to show images of Rainbow Dash.  "Enjoy your triumph Rainbow Dash.  Next time I will defeat you and the Elements that reside within you shall be mine!"
A change from shipping, I can't ship forever you know? Anyway this story taught me something. I appear to be incapable of writing something light-hearted and non-serious. This was originally going to be this silly thing about Dr. Eggman possessing Pinkie Pie, Sonic Possessing Rainbow Dash to stop him, filled with just utter silliness. Only thing is it ended up with Pinkie Pie really being Dr. Eggman (Well sorta) and being taken down by a joint effort of Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and a roboticised Applejack. I'm thinking that it is indeed a crossover, considering how much I borrow from Sonic TH, but at the same time it seems strange since no actual characters from the Sonic TH games, shows, or comics ever actually appear. Ah well, not much to rant on other than... THIS IS MY 8TH DEVIATION OF THE MONTH! =D That means I beat my old record for most deviations submitted in a month set back in March 2007. That was my goal for this month, was to submit more than 7 deviations, I did it and I'm tired now. Anyway enjoy the unusually short rant post this time.

EDIT: I just want to mention how perfect I think it is that my first completed Crossover is one concerning Sonic. Why? Because my first piece of Fan Fiction EVER was a Sonic Fan Fic. It has been lost to time and the pile of journals that are filled but likely will never be read again, which is good because it was a terrible piece of fan-fiction that was a blatant self-insertion. I don't have anything particularly wrong with self-inserts and OC's when they're done well and the self-inserted character doesn't absolutely steal the show. This fic, however, was bad. Bad writing and bad self-insert.
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Death Egg Robot Music is need to Playing
Storylover-Vodhr Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012   Writer

The story flows decently, not the best, not the worst, it is more like the script of a video game then a book style story. The grammar is good, and the characterizations are somewhat intact. And now Rainbow Dash has become a mary Sue, which isn't a good thing, and 3 characters died.

But overall, Decent story.
gamma102 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
This is freaking awesome man! :wow:
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Oh man, awesome story! The premise and plot were very engaging, and I would love to see a sequel.

Now, onto the critique: a lot of the wording and phrasing could have been better. Some parts seemed redundant (e.g, "Then her consciousness started to slip, and she was unconscious."). Furthermore, there were many spelling and grammar errors that kind of broke the flow of things as I had to stop and figure out what you had meant.

These errors are easily fixed, however; if you'd like a proofreader, I'd be eager to help.

As I said, I really liked the story; just fix a few spelling and grammar errors, and it should be fine. I really want to see a continuation of this.

Also, I love Rainbow Dash's equivalent of Super Sonic. I'm a major Sonic fan. :3
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Proofreaders are helpful, particularly with some of my more ambitious projects that I've got planned. My grammar isn't exactly super-star, though I do know it well enough. As for spelling, word checked it out and with the exception of some extraneous words I trust it. Just so you know I was raised in Australia, moved to the US (Technically born in the US too), and grew up reading imported British literature. So a lot of the words I spell 'wrong' are just alternate spellings (I have Word marked for the Irish English dictionary, because my family is Irish.) There are a few words that I absolutely can NOT write the 'American' way (For example, grey. Grey has an 'e' in it spoondamnit.) but generally I can't spell. I also don't have the alphabet memorized all that well. It's like an accent, the way I spell isn't WRONG, it's just different (On a completely unrelated note I talk with an accent and people correcting my pronunciation is one of my biggest pet peeves)

Getting back to what you were saying about grammar and spelling errors, particularly the grammar part. I sometimes break some of the grammatical rules when writing a story, and since everything I've submitted so far is a first draft I don't 100% know if it jells as well for everyone as it does for me. I'm fairly confident that my style (And how it's developing) is relatively fluent, with a slight touch of rigidity to it. But that's just my idea of how my style works out. I'm a professional writer (Starting out but still Professional.) and the one thing I learned above all other things about writing is that Grammar Nazi's are like Rules Lawyers (Not that I'm calling you a GN, no offence meant.) They're useful in sticky situations when you don't fully know what to do, but you need to keep them in check or else they often can ruin anything. What I'm saying is while good Grammar is good, it isn't essential, particularly when trying to convey a certain style. Using the redundancy "Then her consciousness started to slip, and she was unconscious." as an example. Now I look at it I could have used a different kind of punctuation, so I'll re-write it but still keep the style I wanted. "Her consciousness began to slip, and unconsciousness claimed her." Still somewhat redundant, but it flows somewhat better.

Going off on a slight tangent, I HATE when people say redundancy is something that should be eradicated at all turns. If you did that then you'd make language completely unintelligible. Redundancy can be used as effectively as a tool as well as it can be something that's really stupid. Most of my redundancy that gets into my stories is intentionally placed there, as it's part of my style. I know it bugs some people, but from a professional stand-point there's nothing wrong with it. (On a side, but relate, note. During my first time being published the editor marked almost every inch of my story, but one of the things that she did accept and even liked was my use of redundancy. Sometimes it just works, particularly if you can get the right wording with it. I'll admit it's harder to do than you might think.)

All right, my little rant (I call anything where I talk a lot a rant) is over. Onto the whole proof reader thing. As I said WAAAY at the beginning, I'd love proof readers. I actually specifically had a call out for them on one of my Deviations. I'm writing a Pony Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I need someone to make sure I'm keeping relatively close to Adam's style, or at least make it better than just a rush job. Now I'm done, thanks for reading, liking, and commenting =D
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Okey dokey lokey! And no problem.
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I have to admit, reading this I had no idea of the Sonic crossovers & references, though now I can see them pretty well I think ;)

Your fanfic reads very well, very well indeed! Rather serious, makes me sad seeing as Rarity & Fluttershy ended up as will-less automatons & Pinkie, was her ADHD-like piece of mind the only thing that kept her inner evil in check?, now doomed to be a pariah, still a very good read. Though I'd love to see this continued I have to say that having no end the story continues to live in our minds. Everything can happen now, no?
Pinkie may try to reconquer Equestria. Or she may be defeated later and... who knows? Considering that the removal of her ADHD-like element of harmony was what changed her mind maybe she can be 'cured'?

Anyway, great work there, good to read and makes ones mind wonder! Especially after seeing the Mecha-Pinkie picture on EquestriaDaily after reading this fic.

Keep up the good work man!
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Thanks for all the compliments =D

Just so you know I intentionally left the ending open and slightly ambiguous. I personally think that the story was wrapped up rather nicely, even though there is possibility of more. I'm not going to make any promises on if I'll write a follow-up story, but I haven't totally ruled it out either. Semester ends next month, and during the off-time I'll have before summer sem I'll have lots of time to write. Even during summer sem I'll have more time than usual to write, as I'm only taking one course and it's online which means I'll have the two hours I usually commute for study and writing.

As for the removal of her ADHD-like Element, I'll dispose a little Word of God here and try to explain what I don't think translates easily to the story. I tried to work it in there but I'm not sure how well it came out, possibly a touch ambiguous. In this continuity Pinkie Pie had two sides, her dominant Element of Laughter side and the recessive Evil Genius side. Basically, the only thing keeping her 'sane' was her insanity, but a part of that Evil Genius side was still there. As such she set up bases all over Equestria, and a primary Factory under Ponyville where she lived. The Evil Genius side drove her to remove her Element of Harmony, which freed up her mind and allowed her to plan properly. TBPH, it isn't all that hard to imitate Pinkie Pie, providing you know how, so it wasn't hard for the clear-minded Pinky Pie to hide her new found 'sanity'. I tried to hint at this in the story, as I did say that it was Pinkie Pie's own doings that removed her element.

One more thing, just for clarity on how I'm viewing how the elements work. When one of the bearers of the Elements has their Element removed by Pinkie's Extractor she's basically removing a part of their soul and personality at the same time. Some ponies, such as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity, are primarily kept in check by their Element (We can throw Rainbow Dash in there too). Other Ponies, such as Applejack and Twilight, are not so ruled by their Elements (I mean seriously, where do you fit 'Magic' into a personality?) so they would see a less radical change in their personalities. I can go into more detail if you want but for now I'll stop it here, I've rambled enough.
Meliadhor Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
OpenEnding: Hehe, now a ending-proper would be really nice but then again open-ending is well... it basically means that the story goes on somewhere so I don't have to worry about reading something sad... heh, does that make sense? And semesteee... OH DAMN, IT'S MAY ALREADY!? I need to write the 1st chapter of my MA thesiiiissss godsdammiiitttt...

ADHD: Ahh so it's pretty much as I imagined it is :3 So, logically, if Dash was to ever capture Pinkie and force the Element back into her she would be 'cured'? Or at least she would have a lot to think about then... Now that would be nasty, suddenly realising you've been a monster-evil-mastermind-turned-friends-into-robots kind of a pony.

Oddly enough, the newest MLP episode, you saw it? makes your fanfic more believable. With Pinkie being so bipolar - that would explain why she'd think it's a good idea to extract the Element... Still, I'd love to know how she did it ;) and if a sack of flour in a hat was involved. And whatsoever happened to Gummy?

Elements, do go on, I love soul-related talks! ....especially how I'm always checking if people would sell their very own living soul for a choco-chip cookies. They would and some even did.

On a completely unrelated notice, I was reading your stuff while listening to a few tracks from the TaleSpin cartoon OST, that old D*sney thing. I think they were quite fitting to the Evil Pinkie parts :3

Again, a really good fanfic there - made me think more than once afterwards of the fates of Evil Pinkie & her robot retinue!
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
Yes, the new episode was great wasn't it? And yes, it is indeed May. I'm preparing for my final paper myself, then I get to go off and take maths over the summer. Fuuun =D XD

Yes, the story goes on somewhere, and you don't have to worry about reading something sad (Though I would recommend checking out my story Trix and Stones. It's one of my favourite pieces of writing, though it is rather sad.) As for curing Pinkie Pie, it wouldn't be as simple as just putting the element back into her. It would merely turn her back to what she was before (Though possibly a little dejected once she realizes what she did to her friends and Equestria). It wouldn't pose a cure for her insanity or megalomania. If you were to 'cure' Pinkie Pie you'd have to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Forcing the element back into her would only delay her striking again, and possibly even give her an excuse to strike unnoticed again.

Now for the element talk. Basically the way I see the elements of Harmony is they are a part of the pony's soul. Every pony has some of each in them, but they're usually in such small amounts that extracting them would not be profitable for long-running power. The bearers, however, each hold so much of that particular element that it possesses the potential for infinite power in each one. A good example from the Sonic Verse would be Chaos Shards vs Chaos Emeralds. Both hold enormous power but the Emeralds are much more worth your time for large-scale grand schemes. Another thing is in the average pony you could extract the element that they were strongest with and they'd feel little to no discomfort, and only minor personality changes. For the bearers it's almost like tearing out a kidney. It won't kill them (We are going to use the assumption that the person losing the kidney doesn't die from disease or blood loss) and they can live without it but having lost it there's going to be some damage and it's not going to be pleasant.

As for personality changes they would be from most radical to least radical:

Pinkie Pie- Doesn't feel the urge to party, laugh, or be random. She thinks much more clearly and from her darker side she has developed a severe case of Megalomania.

Rainbow Dash- Without her element of Loyalty she wouldn't see the need to really even HAVE friends. They just bring her down, and she could shine better if she either flew solo or used them to her own means.

Fluttershy- Though she probably would still be shy she would get more brash. I always imagined Fluttershy's shyness to be a combination of her wanting to be kind to everpony as well as a lack of confidence. Without the strong desire to be kind to everypony her comments might be a lot more sharp, and she might actually start to be more brash by putting other ponies down to build her own self-confidence.

Applejack- Not so much of a severe change in personality here, but I'd imagine that Applejack would get somewhat more greedy, and definitely more dishonest. However, unlike the previous three she would still be very caring towards her friends, and possibly even tell the truth to them. I don't think she would wind up as a Pathological lier, but she would most certainly lie more often.

Rarity-Again not so much as some of the other ponies. Mostly I think she would be more greedy (Far more greedy than Applejack) and stop giving away favours, such as sales, or making dresses for her friends.

Twilight Sparkle- Hardly any personality change at all, if anything she would loose a little confidence. However the thing that would be certain is she would no longer be as competent at magic as she used to be. I would think of it as a sort of cripple. Using myself as an example, I lost my hand but it was sewn back on and healed (Rather well thank goodness) but I'm not as competent with it and the things I did with it as I was before. Twilight's magic would be the same thing, without her element of Magic she's just another regular Pony with about as much power as, say, Trixie (Probably a bit more than Trixie but you get the picture)

And that's my sepal on the elements. Also TaleSpin rocks.
Meliadhor Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Gargl, gotta learn to go to sleep earlier than 3am.. oooh wait it's 2:40 so it's OK...

Turning back - so, instead of imprisonment for her crimes she'd be treated as 'ill' and would regain her friends, just that they'd watch here a bit more carefully and would make sure she takes her meds every now and then? I wonder if there's some version of the Arkham Mental Institute for ponies? Especially when considering the newest episode, she already seems a bit 'special' in her own unique way, with her little breakdown and delusions...

Trix & Stones = sad? Hmm... well, I like sad stories, in a semi-masochistic way so I guess I'll read it in about... 18 hrs or so, maybe a day. Just finished reading Elements of Discord which had a nice (sad nice) piece with a young pony being unable to comprehend why the bigger pony won't get up again. It takes a while to put all that stuff in order in one's brain...

As for Elements & personality - yes, I think I can understand that.

Again, you know you've read a good story when your mind can't decide whether to hope for the sequel or not. I have never read the last book from one old fantasy series just because I didn't want the story to have an end - here I have a similar situation. ;)
HolyDemonAndy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
By the way, I just realized, does this mean that because she has all the elements that she also laughs more, is honest, compassionate, etc.?
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
Perhaps I can explore that if I decide to continue the story. As of now I'd probably say to some extent yes, but I also think that they'd balance themselves out some, reaching a certain equilibrium within the fastest thing alive. So if you're expecting Rainbow Dash to suddenly be as random as Pinkie Pie for a laugh or as kind as Fluttershy, or even as Honest as Applejack you'll probably be out of luck. But there likely would be some change, the only one that is really visible is the Element of Magic, which binds the other five together and in the end gives Rainbow Dash her horn. As such I would imagine there would be some change to Rainbow Dash, but it'd take time and observation to notice it. Not something I can really explore during the climax of a story, not without pulling a Tolkien and having an extremely long falling-action scene. I was content to let Pinkie Pie escape, and fast-forward several months and end the story there. Sorta how Sonic Sat AM ended (only in this case the cliff-hanger isn't as nail-biting... I think. Also, this one is slightly better of an ending than how Sat AM ended because we're not getting the promise of a new villain but we're told of the status of the old one, which gives some closure on what happened to her and also providing a nice way to say things went back to normal for the most bit)
HolyDemonAndy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011
It was really sad, but, I must admit, well written. :(

Also, I would have thought that since all the robots looked like Pinkie Pie I guess? I don't know, but I assumed that's what it was, that the others would get some hint from that.

Incredibly sad but well-written. :(
Lurks-no-More Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
It's Ponic the Pegasus! :D
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