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Jusem Ebonscream by ShadeRyuInari Jusem Ebonscream by ShadeRyuInari
My entry for the Twilight of the Vampires Seventh Sanctum contest. [link]

This is Jusem Ebonscream, a Magnetic thief. (Those lines coming from his fist are supposed to be magnetic waves). I don't think I did a very good job, but I did do something! And I learned a lesson in the process, ALWAYS ink before you colour, this was hell to ink because my mother insisted I colour it first. Blech, well info about it below:

Generators Used:
Vampire Name Generator| Result: Jusem Ebonscream
Character Class/Profession Generator (Steampunk Setting)| Result: Magnetic Thief

Background: Ebonscream was unusual, as to being born from two vampires instead of being made one through the artificial means of his world. When he reached full maturity at around the age of 17, Ebonscream decided he would take up thieving. However, his first attempt was a bank robbery, and he was sloppy. While he managed to escape by hopping aboard an airship he didn’t get out un-harmed. Ebonscream was wounded in his right arm, and by nightfall it was infected. Fortunately for Ebonscream there was a doctor onboard, unfortunately the doctor decided to simply amputate the arm instead of curing it. Ebonscream took his revenge by feeding upon the doctor, killing him. So the young vampire took what money he had gotten away with, and went to a prosthetics shop. His funds were just enough to pay for a basic arm, one that would work to some degree. After Ebonscream got his new arm, he proceeded to start off his thieving career with smaller objects. During this time, Ebonscream became quite familiar with the steampunk technology that drove his arm, and began to modify it to some degree. Eventually he managed to install a few useful gadgets to his arm, the most useful of these was a magnetic device that would allow him to break into safes, train car compartments, or into people’s homes. Now he lives quite successfully, with his home town being the same one that had held refuge to him while he had only one arm.
JeweledAlchemist Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
OK, ok, I know you already said it: This pretty much sucks. And I agree with you.
That said, This is really awesome. It's great!
I dunno why. After reading it it seems stupid, but while reading it, it's really cool. I got entranced... by the single paragraph.
Change him to EATING the doctor, sounds cooler.

Oh, and DO try again with the art, and submit it. S-S is right: use printer paper if you can. Don't let your mom ruin the art. But keep going until the deadline! It would be terrible if this went to waste.
Shadowed-Serenity Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Student Artist
I like the backstory! My advice on the picture itself is to (ink before you color ;)), perhaps draw on printer paper to get rid of the binder paper lines. ;)
Count-Hoenhiem Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010   Writer
Great backstory; the part where Vampires can have children through artificial means, nice touch.
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May 23, 2010
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