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A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fan Fiction by:
Prince Shadari

Rainbow Dash woke early, stretching her wings and her back.  She had one of the best dreams ever.  She had been flying with the Wonderbolts, and she pulled off this truly amazing trick.  However, as she walked to the edge of her cloud house she already could feel the details of the trick slipping away.  She had to hurry, perform the trick before she lost memory of it.

Dash took to the air, but as she gained altitude she grumbled as the last of the dream slipped away.  Perhaps she should have just stayed in bed, but since she was up she might as well do her weather duties.  Perhaps if she did some busywork then her dream would come back to her.

As Rainbow Dash was flying over Sweet Apple Acres moving some of the clouds around to create a slight overcast over Ponyville a familiar voice came from the ground.  However, there was something not quite right about it.  "Howdy there Rainbow!  How's it goin'?"  Rainbow looked down a little shocked.  The voice was clearly Pinkie Pie, but the words sounded more like something that would have come out of Applejack's mouth.  Below her she saw Pinkie Pie, but she was wearing Applejack's hat.

"Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow Dash asked, her mouth open wide.

"Yes?" Pinkie Pie answered.  Rainbow Dash just kept gawking, she couldn't believe it.  "Yanno if you go 'round with your mouth gawping like that you're gonna catch flies" Pinkie Pie gave a giggle.

"How did you get Applejack's hat?" Rainbow asked, "I didn't think that she'd let anyone but her wear it."

"Oh, it's only for a little while." Pinkie Pie said, touching the hat gingerly.  Rainbow thought she saw a shadow of love and sorrow pass across the pink pony's face.  "Applejack said I could wear it for the morning if I helped her buck apples!"

"Uh-huh…" Rainbow said, looking down at Pinkie Pie.  The shock of seeing Pinkie Pie here was starting to wear off.  "Where is Applejack anyway?"

"Oh she's around." Pinkie Pie said, looking around.  "I'm sure you'll find her somewhere.  Well I've got apples to buck, see you around Rainbow!"  She bounced off, leaving Rainbow Dash sitting on the cloud she had been moving wondering just what could be up.

"Ah, it doesn't matter." Dash muttered to herself, moving the cloud into the position that she wanted it in.  Next stop was Rarity's Boutique, just needed a few clouds over there and she'd be almost done.

However as Rainbow Dash was flying over Carousel Boutique she saw something that made her stop in mid-air.  Down below was Pinkie Pie, but she wasn't wearing Applejack's hat this time.  Instead she was wearing a powder blue dress and a rather large wide-brim hat.  She was prancing around the boutique as if she were on show, apparently trying to be as elegant as possible.  Rainbow Dash heard Pinkie Pie talking to herself, and she quickly dashed onto a nearby cloud to eaves drop.

"Oh yes, yes I know isn't it just gorgeous?  Rarity made it for me.  She's a good friend of mine." Pinkie Pie was saying "I'm sure she'll make you a dress too.  Oh no no no, it wouldn't be any trouble."

"Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow Dash whispered, but it apparently carried as Pinkie Pie immediately looked up.

"Oh hello Rainbow Dash, how are you today?"  Pinkie Pie called up, waving franticly.  "Isn't this dress that Rarity made me just stunning?  It brings out the colour of my eyes perfectly, don't you think?"

"Uuhhh… Sure." Rainbow Dash said, startled.  "Excuse me Pinkie Pie, but I've got to go… somewhere."  She dashed off hearing Pinkie Pie call after her.

"Ok Rainbow, take care."

Rainbow Dash didn't look back, something was up and she wanted to get answers.  Twilight usually had answers, perhaps she would know what's going on.  The blue pegasus landed in front of the library and opened the door.  "Twilight?  You here?"

"Twilight's not here right now." Spike said in a bit of a huff.  Rainbow dash noticed that the place was an utter mess, and Spike was busy putting books away.  "Pinkie Pie barged in early and dragged Twilight out while I was still asleep."

"Well that's why I wanted to talk with Twilight, I've just seen Pinkie Pie in two different places and she wasn't acting like herself either time."  Rainbow Dash said, frowning.  "And I wanted to talk to Twilight to s-"  She stopped mid word and looked at Spike.  "How do you know that Pinkie Pie took Twilight if you were asleep?"

"She left a note." Spike said, pointing to a desk.  "It's still there if you want to read it."

Rainbow Dash cantered over to look at the note that Twilight had left.

Dear Spike,

I know that you're probably going to be upset about this but can you clean up the Library today?  I made such a mess last night studying and I was intending to clean it up today but Pinkie Pie burst in insisting on my help for something.  She wouldn't explain what it was about, just that she needed me.

Thank you,

Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash frowned, could Twilight have something to do with it?  Well regardless Dash thought that she'd find Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube corner.  You could often find Pinkie Pie there, either working or eating all the sweets in sight.

Rainbow Dash landed in front of Sugarcube Corner, and trotted towards the door.  However she watched in horror as the door of the store opened, and out came two pink ponies.  Rainbow Dash panicked dashing up into a cloud just above her.  When she looked down at first glance it looked like there were two Pinkie Pies, one was wearing a large hat while the other one wasn't dressed up at all.

"Um… Hi Rainbow…" Rainbow Dash looked around, and there behind her was Pinkie Pie, sitting on the cloud.  The voice sounded like Pinkie Pie's imitation of Fluttershy, but what was worse was this Pinkie Pie had wings.  It took Rainbow Dash a while to realize what was sitting before her.

Pinkie Pie… with wings.  She would never again have another restful moment.  Rainbow Dash backed slowly away, as if the winged Pinkie Pie was some sort monster.  She didn't even notice when her hooves left the cloud.  A scream, then a drop, and Rainbow Dash was falling.

"Oh no, did I scare you?"  The winged Pinkie Pie said, following Rainbow Dash.  Fortunately the fall was a short one, but Dash still landed hard.  She watched as swirls of colour spun in her vision.

"There you are silly miss sillyson.  I've been looking for you all over."  Pinkie Pie bounced over, this one wasn't wearing anything other than a pair of saddle bags.  The one with the hat, Dash now recognized it as a fedora, also walked over while the Pinkie Pie with wings landed at Rainbow Dash's feet.

Rainbow screamed as she panicked.  Three Pinkie Pies, THREE of them!  What if the other two she saw today were also separate from these three?  That would make five Pinkie Pies.  Rainbow Dash could barely keep up with one.

"Oh calm down Rainbow, there's nothing to be afraid of."  The Pinkie Pie wearing the fedora said, giving a look that was reminiscent of Twilight.

"Nothing to be afraid of?  NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF!?  There are at least THREE Pinkie Pies here, possibly more, one of you has wings AND I don't know if I could take that!"  The winged Pinkie Pie cowered and squeaked at Rainbow Dash's rage.

"It's just a joke silly." The Pinkie Pie with the saddle bags said laughing.  "I wanted you to be in on it too, but I couldn't figure out a way to wake you up when I came by before dawn."

"Wha… you came by my house before dawn?  You KNOW I don't wake up early Pinkie Pie!" Rainbow Dash said, frowning.  "Anyway what kind of joke is making clones of yourself?"

"The best one EVER!" Pinkie Pie said grinning.  "Don't you think that six ponies that look like me running around Ponyville would be the best April Foals Joke  Ever?"

It was starting to dawn on Rainbow Dash.  The Pinkie Pies that he had seen throughout the day hadn't been Pinkie Pie, they just LOOKED like her.  She began to chuckle, "So how'd you do this?"

"That would be my job."  The Pinkie Pie with the fedora.  There was a glow and the fedora rose up revealing a horn beneath it.  "It's only a temporary spell, and only goes surface deep.  I also can't get rid of things like unicorn horns or pegasus wings."

"Which is all for the better!" The Pinkie Pie without accessories said, "It's going to be so funny to see Flying Pinkies!  You've just got to remember that you're me for the day ok?"  Rainbow dash nodded as she got up.

"Alright, let's do this." She said, a grin on her face.  She closed her eyes expecting pain.  All she felt was a slight crawling sensation underneath her skin, it was odd but not unpleasant.  When she next opened her eyes she held out a hoof.  It was pink, she looked at her flank but to her surprise it was still her rainbow streak.  "What gives?  My Cutie Mark stayed the same, but all of you have the same Cutie Mark."

"Oh, I can't change Cutie Marks either."  The Pinkie Pie with the fedora said, replacing the hat.

"Don't you worry any, Pinkie Dash.  I've got it all covered."  Pinkie Pie, the one without any accessories, dug into her saddle bags and slapped something over Rainbow Dash's flank.  They were stickers that mimicked Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark.  "Lookie lookie!"  Pinkie Pie said, holding up a mirror for Dash to look into.

"Hey, I do look just like you!  Only with wings." Pinkie Dash said, circling around in the mirror.  She noticed that her voice had also changed to mimic Pinkie's voice.  "This is going to be the best day ever."
A story inspired by a picture I saw on Ponychan (That actually is my desktop now) where someone had recoloured every character in the show the same shade as Pinkie Pie, except for Rainbow Dash. I saw a completed version of the picture where Dash was also recoloured as well, with the caption "Resistance is Futile, you WILL be PINK'D" which is where the title of the story came from.

I do not own the ponies, however much I would like to. Unfortunately, all I can do is enjoy the show and commit to the fan community. Again, I don't own the Ponies.
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genuinepony Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Haha I'd freak out too. Great read however :)
Ziddia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
LOL is all.
Bluefox02 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
This can only end one way...
Flamedramon6 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011

Integrity: 0.01% and falling


Also that was hilarious.
MCmkII Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Too much Pinkie? Or just enough Pinkie?
PecanO-O Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
I'd say still not enough Pinkie, but that's just me. ^^
DizzyPacce Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Too much pinkie!
flashfox466 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student
Oh god. xDDD
TheFreighTrain Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
HAHAHA that's my picture! You're welcome dude!
Yea, originally I didn't know how I would color her hair, so I just left her blank. That's why there's two copies.
Sithking-Zero Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Yo, can you link to that picture? I'd kinda like to see it.
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe, very clever prank.
StringPetounPing Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
Run for the hills!!! Equestria cannot handle six pinkie Pies. The world gonna blow up.
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