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Swapped Part 1
Teaching Trixie

A Fan-Fiction by: Prince Shadari

Trixie concentrated, her horn glowing as the magic flowed through her.  She knew how magic worked; mentally going through various directions, incantations, along with a general force of will of what you wanted to happen.  The last part was essential, as without it magic could do some unpredictable things.  But this was one of the most complicated spells she had ever attempted, something that her teacher was able to do with ease.

"Come on Trixie, just as I taught you." Twilight said, looking at the blue unicorn expectantly.  A complicated mix of emotions went through Trixie.  It still galled her being taught by the unicorn that had bested her just when she had gained Ponyville's respect, but she couldn't get her mind off of the unicorn.  She felt that she needed to be close to her, and she couldn't fully explain it.  And if she could learn how to be better at magic and possibly have the chance to beat Twilight at her own game.

Spike stood there, looking slightly apprehensive.  He was asked to be the test subject of this spell, and he hadn't been informed what spell it was.  Trixie could feel her mind aching, and now she could feel energy starting to be taken from her body and not just her mind.  She concentrated, willing the spell to work.

POP!  The purple dragon stood there with a brand new bushy mustache.  "Oh yeah, I can roll with this again."  It took him a moment to see both Twilight and Trixie looking at him.  Twilight was smirking slightly while Trixie merely look frustrated.  "What?"

"Well it was a good try Trixie.  You just overdid it a bit."  Twilight said, patting the blue unicorn on the back.  Trixie merely grumbled, she had lost her concentration and the spell had gotten away from her.

Spike looked nervous, quickly patting himself down.  "What's wrong with me?  Quick tell me!"  His claws reached his head, and felt the large afro that had appeared on top of his head along with his mustache.

"Hey Spike!  You look good with that, you could use some bellbottoms though.  OH!  I bet Rarity could make you some!" Pinkie Pie said as she walked in on the trio.

"Oh no, I am NOT being seen by Rarity like this.  Trixie, Twilight, one of you PLEASE have to get this thing off of me."  Spike threw himself at the feet of the two unicorns.

"Why don't you do it Trixie?"  Twilight said, looking at the blue unicorn.  "It's easier to remove than it is to create."

"Very well.  Stand back Spike."  Trixie said, still disgruntled at her failure.  Sure she had managed to make the moustache but her magic had run away with her with the spell and she had made more than she wanted to.  Still, she did have enough magic to create the afro as well as the moustache and it showed that she could improve her magic.  Trixie closed her eyes and concentrated on the counter spell.  With a quick pop, Spike's moustache and afro disappeared.

"Now Pinkie, what is it you wanted?" Twilight said, turning away from Spike who was lovingly rubbing the top of his head.

"Well I was just outside, rolling around and thinking.  I was thinking about the cake that I was planning to bake later today, though Mr. and Mrs. Cake said I needed a reason to use the kitchen from now on."  Pinkie Pie frowned as she said it before continuing, "I tried to say the reason was I wanted to eat cake, but they wouldn't allow it.  And I really wanted that cake too, but then I got the idea of throwing a party!  So I was coming over to tell you that we were going to have a party when I remembered that Trixie was staying with you, and even though almost everypony knows who Trixie is from her appearance last year, since she moved in she hasn't been thrown a party!  So we're going to have a signature Pinkie Pie party for Trixie!"

"Of course there should be a party for me."  Trixie said standing a little taller than usual.  "I AM the Great and Powerful Trixie after all."

"Ooo." Pinkie Pie said, "But didn't Twilight end up doing something better than you with that Ursa Minor?"  Trixie scowled in response, which made Pinkie Pie giggle.  "Well I'm sure you'll make lots of friends at the party."  Pinkie gasped in apparent shock.  "And I need to go finish preparations for the party!  It won't be much of a party if there's no cake, or ponies, and perhaps some other things to!  PUNCH!  WE NEED PUNCH!"  Pinkie Pie dashed out leaving Twilight and Trixie alone with Spike.

"Trixie, we need to talk." Twilight said, making the blue unicorn look at her.  "About your boasting, you need to tone it down."

"But if I don't tell people about my marvelous talents then how will they find out how special I am?" Trixie protested, frowning at Twilight.  "The world needs to know about my GLORY!"

"Trixie, I'll give you that you have some talent with magic.  You certainly have a flair for theatrics, but you can't just go around boasting that you're better than everyone else."  Twilight replied.  Seeing Trixie open her mouth to retort again Twilight cut her off.  "Listen Trixie, everyone is good at some things and not so good at other things.  Also if you don't learn to control your boasting I won't teach you any more of my magic."  Twilight stamped her hoof in emphasis of this point.  She hoped that it wouldn't come to that, she rather liked the idea of having a student.

"Very well Twilight, I'll try and not boast about my greatness." Trixie said, sulking.  Someday… she thought, Someday I'll beat you and you'll have to admit that I am the better.  Trixie cursed the strange sensation that she got in her stomach whenever she heard Twilight talk or look at her.  It wasn't rage, it wasn't jealousy, it was something completely different.  She couldn't place what it was, so she ignored it.

Spike belched, a stream of green flame coming from his mouth forming into a scroll.  "A letter from the Princess?" Twilight asked as Spike picked the letter off the ground and opened it up.  "I wasn't expecting anything from her today."

"It's not from the princess." Spike said, skimming through the letter.  "I don't know who it's from, I don't recognize the script and there's no signature."

"Well don't just stand there Spike, read it." Twilight said.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle," Spike started off holding the letter at arm length.  "I have heard a lot about you from here in Canterlot.  I heard you defeated Nightmare Moon, vanquished an Ursa Minor, and have done extensive research into the magic of friendship.  I have also seen several pictures of you and I must say that you are the prettiest filly I have ever laid my eyes on.  We have met before, a long time ago and it was only briefly.  I hope that we will be able to meet again soon, and perhaps you might feel the same way about me that I feel about you.  Forever your love, Your Secret Admirer."  Spike finished reading the letter with a bit of a grin on his face.  "Somepony has got his eye on you Twilight."

"Apparently so…" Twilight said thinking.  "But how did they send it through you Spike?  I thought only Celestia could do that."  Spike shrugged, and Twilight turned to Trixie.  "What do you think Trixie?"  Trixie just stood there, a look of utter shock on her face.  "Err… Trixie?  Trixie hello?"  Twilight waved a hoof in front of Trixie's face.  "You in there?"

"You… you… you…" Trixie stammered, her eyes wide.  Twilight looked at Spike confused, who looked back with equal confusion.  "You defeated Nightmare Moon?  YOU DEFEATED NIGHTMARE MOON?  I don't believe it."  Trixie said backing away.  A strange mixture of rage, admiration, and jealousy welled up inside her.  "I DON'T BELVIE IT!"  The blue unicorn dashed out of the library.

"TRIXIE!" Twilight called after the unicorn, but she was already gone.

Trixie stopped in the middle of the town square.  She felt tears in her eyes, it couldn't be true it wasn't true.  Whoever wrote that letter was making things up, they had to be.  Everyone knew about Nightmare Moon's return during the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville, but Trixie assumed that Celestia had defeated her again.

"Muffin?"  Trixie looked around blinking the tears out of her eyes.  There was a young grey pegasus holding out a muffin towards the unicorn.  Trixie merely stared at the baked good, wondering if it was some sort of trap.  "You look sad, muffins make you happy."  The grey pegasus spoke.  Trixie looked into her eyes, they were pointing in two different directions.

"And just WHO might you be?"  Trixie asked, a little irritated.

"Ditsy Doo, class A Mail carrier!" The grey pony said, giving a little salute.  Trixie noticed the postal bags on the pegasus.  "Many ponies call Ditsy Derpy though.  Derpy Hooves!  But Ditsy better.  Muffin?"  The grey pony offered the muffin again.

"You don't happen to have anything stronger do you?" Trixie said looking away.

"Derpy drink!" Ditsy Doo said cheerfully.  "It goes great with muffins!"

"Does this town even have a bar?" Trixie asked aloud.

"Yes yes, that way!"  Trixie looked around to see Ditsy pointing towards a small building that she hadn't noticed before.  "Now take happiness muffin.  Ditsy needs to get back to Ditsy's duties."  The grey postpony placed the muffin next to Trixie before she took off.

Trixie looked at the muffin, before levitating it up to her mouth and taking a bite.  It was cold, but savory.  Trixie felt a little better as she ate it, but the mix of emotions was still churning through her, along with a new feeling of guilt.  She had no idea why she should feel guilty, but perhaps some alcohol would calm her some.

Trixie walked into the bar, looking around the joint.  It was clearly a dive, grimy surfaces accompanied with several ponies that likely had been there since morning.  This was not a place to draw attention to yourself.  Trixie walked up to the bar, sitting next to an orange pony in a cowboy hat.

"What'll it be little lady?"  The bartender asked, putting down the glass he was cleaning and walking over to her.

"A hit of the strongest liquor you've got will do good for the Great and Powerful Trixie."  Trixie said, "And make it snappy."  The Bartender frowned, but went to pouring the drink.

"Great and Powerful huh?  You're still going on that?"  Applejack turned to face Trixie, frowning.  "I would have thought that after last year you would have learned your lesson.  Particularly since Twilight was nice enough to take you on as a student."

"The Great and Powerful Trixie is merely expanding on her knowledge.  She is-" Trixie said, but Applejack cut her off.

"She is still a little full of herself." Applejack said before taking her mug of beer and taking another drink.  "I don't know why Twilight even thinks it's worth keeping you around, but I'm sure she has her reasons."

"Excuse me, but if I recall last time we met it was I who came up on top."  Trixie said as the bartender put down her drink.  "I'll say again, anything you can do I-" but Applejack cut her off again.

"Last time you used cheap tricks to make fools of us; you didn't truly show superior skill than any of us."  Applejack retorted.  "If you really did it better you'd attempt the skills we showed on our terms with our rules."  Applejack took another drink before continuing.  "The way you were showing off wasn't really beating us at our own talents but rather skating around those talents with smoke and mirrors."

Trixie sat in silence, not touching her drink.  Was what the orange pony said true?  Did she really have no talent?  No of course not, she was the Great and Powerful Trixie after all.  There wasn't a single pony short of Celestia that matched her power.  Not a single one, but Twilight.  As Trixie thought of the purple unicorn her stomach did a backflip.  She took her drink and took a sip.  The alcohol burned her mouth and throat, but not in an entirely unpleasant way.

"Now I know Pinkie Pie is throwing you a party this evening at Sugar Cube Corner.  I sincerely hope that you can behave yourself while you're there."  Applejack said finishing the last of her beer.  She dropped some coin on the bar counter before sliding off her stool.  "Perhaps you'll learn that being the best isn't everything in the world."  Trixie watched as Applejack walked out of the bar before going back to her drink.

As Trixie sat there, slowly drinking her drink and thinking about Applejack's parting words.  What did she mean being the best isn't everything in the world?  Of course it was, it was the only way to prove to everyone how great you were.  You needed to be the best, and that was all that mattered.  But the more Trixie thought about it the more she thought about the last time she was in Ponyville, when she overheard Twilight pleading with her friends not to ditch her when she showed that remarkable power.

Trixie remembered back to her youth, when she was just a foal.  She had friends then, wonderful friends.  But as each of them discovered their cutie marks the pressure was on to be special.  When Trixie got her cutie mark, her friends all wanted her to show off.  They all had been showing off themselves, but Trixie's magic couldn't compare to all her friend's talents.  One by one, they all left her.  They deemed her not special, someone who got their cutie mark by accident.  Trixie was determined to show them, show them all.  She wasn't just any old Unicorn, but the most powerful unicorn of them all.  She had worked hard to get where she was, and showed up everyone she had come across.  That was until she met Twilight, someone that should have been easy to make a fool of.  Yet in the end those cursed colts had brought that Ursa Minor into Ponyville and then Twilight had defeated it single-handedly.

All that time, all those stories she had told to make people respect her and all the tricks she did to show she was better, and someone had been better than her.  In one night she had lost it all.  As the story of Twilight defeating such a powerful foe spread, so did the tales of Trixie's deceptions.  For a whole year she had gone around Equestria trying to regain some level of respect, but everywhere she went she was compared to Twilight.  So Trixie figured that the only way to regain her fame, her respect was to best Twilight.  So she went back to Ponyville and asked to be taught by Twilight, learn all her tricks so that she could learn their weaknesses and how to show up the annoying purple unicorn.  But there was also that strange feeling she felt whenever she thought of Twilight, Trixie kept trying to ignore it but there was no denying that it was there.

Trixie paid for her finished drink, and walked out of the bar.  It was almost time for the Party, and she intended to attend.  Perhaps at the party she could find out about how truthful the claim was that Twilight Sparkle, the one pony that had ever bested her, did truly defeat Nightmare Moon.  Perhaps she could prove Applejack wrong and show the stupid filly that being best really was everything.  Perhaps… but perhaps not.  Still, a party promised to be fun and that sounded all right to Trixie.

Trixie arrived at the Sugar Cube Corner, and immediately noticed the banner hanging outside the shop.  'WELCOME TO PONYVILLE TRIXIE!'  The blue unicorn smiled to herself, though she mentally thought that it should say 'WELCOME TO PONYVILLE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!'  She kept the thought to herself.

Pinkie Pie was the first person that Trixie saw as she walked into the shop.  "WELCOME TO THE PARTY TRIXIE!" Pinkie Pie said, slinging a leg around Trixie.  "Enjoy yourself and socialize!  You know when I first saw you a year ago I noticed how you were acting and you seemed so lonely.  I just wanted to throw you a party, and how you came back and hardly anyone knew you were back.  But once I started the party everyone knew you were back!  And of course everyone came!"  Trixie looked around; it certainly had a lot of ponies there.  She saw Applejack talking with Rarity in one corner.  It was almost as if Applejack knew that Trixie was looking at her, as she looked over at the blue unicorn.  "We're going to have a GREAT time aren't we?"  Pinkie Pie said, bouncing off.

"Of course we are…" Trixie said, she spotted Twilight coming towards her.  The bottom of her stomach seemed to disappear, but she shoved the strange feeling aside.

"Now Trixie, I hope you'll be able to behave yourself." The purple unicorn said when she came close to Trixie.  "No boasting, no bragging, and no making anyone feel unappreciated."  Trixie frowned her displeasure, but at a stern look from Twilight she nodded.  "Good, now go make a few friends."  She chuckled to herself at the irony of the statement and walked off.

Trixie wandered through the crowd, waiting for someone to approach her and strike a conversation.  No one did, everyone else seemed much more interested in mingling with each other rather than talking with her.  Trixie eventually found a quiet yellow pegasus with a pink mane, she didn't know this pony's name.  Then again, the only ponies whose names she knew in town were Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.  She approached the pegasus, who looked up at her approaching hoof steps.

"Hello I am the Gre-" Trixie stopped herself, determined to not give Twilight an excuse to lecture her later she corrected herself.  "I am Trixie, and you are?"

"Oh I'm…" Fluttershy said, then quietly mumbling her name.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that." Trixie said, forcing a smile on her face in an attempt to look more friendly than annoyed.

"I'm…" Fluttershy mumbled her name again.

Trixie was about to ask for Fluttershy's name again, this time with a little more force when Pinkie Pie bounced over.  "AH!  Trixie, Fluttershy.  How are you enjoying the party?  What a silly question, of COURSE you're enjoying the party.  We're just about to bring the cake out, man I've been waiting for it all day.  By the way Fluttershy, you know that Trixie is trying to turn over a new leaf?  Wait, she's not a tree so how can she turn over a new leaf?  Wasn't it you who wanted to be the tree Fluttershy?"  Pinkie Pie smiled.  "Well I'll go get the cake then!"  The pink pony bounced off again.

"So you're Fluttershy.  Twilight's talked about you."  Trixie said, trying to strike up conversation again.

"Oh, she has?"  Fluttershy said, her ears perking up, "What has she said about me?"

"Well, mostly that you're really shy.  I can see that."  Trixie said trying hard not to roll her eyes.  "She also said you have a real talent with Animals."

"Oh, is that all…" Fluttershy said, her ears dropping again.  Trixie thought it was very odd behavior, but she wasn't going to prod this filly.  "Where are you staying while you're here in Ponyville, I thought your cart got smashed last time you came."  Fluttershy asked so quietly that Trixie almost missed the question.

"I'm staying with Twilight." Trixie said, she noticed a slight flush appear on Fluttershy's face as well as an odd glint in the filly's eye.  The glint was gone as soon as it came but the slight flush remained.

"CAKE EVERYBODY!" Pinkie Pie called out, rolling the large cake out of the kitchen.  Trixie and Fluttershy both walked over to the cake.  It was tall, and the frosting was made out of the same shades of blue that Trixie was.  Four candles stood on top lit.  "Go on, blow out the candles!  Come on!"

Trixie smiled, walked up to the cake and blew out the candles.  They immediately re-lit.  She blew them out again, and again they re-lit.  Everypony broke out into laughter, everypony but Trixie who was considering doing something to humiliate Pinkie Pie for being subjected to this prank.  However out of the corner of her eye Trixie saw Twilight looking at her.  Her stomach flipped over and she decided not to jeopardize her position as the unicorn's student.  Instead she just concentrated and put the candles out magically.

"Ooo, you're good.  I've never seen someone actually put out re-lighting birthday candles without water before." Pinkie Pie said, then grinning at Trixie.

"Of course I'd figure it out."  Trixie said with a smug grin on her face, before taking a bite out of the cake.  Trixie intentionally averted her eyes from Twilight, not wanting to see any stern looks.

Trixie wandered off into the party again after she had her fill of cake.  She found herself a place at the edge of the party, and watched Applejack and Rarity talking.  Rarity looked distraught and Applejack had a guilty look on her face.  Apparently something Applejack said upset Rarity because she took a few steps back, before running out the store.  Applejack just stood there, looking sad and guilty at the same time.  Trixie wondered what happened.  Not that I really care about what happens to them, Trixie thought.

A sigh came from beside Trixie, she looked to her left and saw Rainbow Dash, floating a few inches above the ground.  "I was afraid it would come to this.  I told Rarity it was no use, Applejack has always made it clear that she wasn't gay."

"What do you mean?"  Trixie asked, slightly confused.

"Well, I assume that Rarity finally confessed her feelings for Applejack.  Applejack probably turned her down, as kindly as she could, but Rarity probably couldn't handle the rejection."  Rainbow Dash said.  "It can be hard realizing  you love someone, even harder to confess to them and risk rejection.  It's doubled in risk factor when you're asking out another filly."

"And how do you know if you're in love with someone?"  Trixie asked.  She had never really thought about love before.  Always it was proving how she was better than everyone else, how she could use people rather than how she could help them.

"Well, I would say it's this feeling you get in your chest.  I can't really describe it all that well because it's different for everypony" Rainbow Dash said, still looking at Applejack.  The orange pony somberly wandered over to the punch bowl and grabbed herself a glass.

Trixie sat there, also watching Applejack and thinking to herself.  She felt strange around Twilight, was it love?  No, it was envy she was sure of that.  She remembered the letter that Twilight had gotten earlier.  The part about Twilight defeating Nightmare Moon stuck in her mind.  "How could she have defeated Nightmare Moon…?" She wondered quietly to herself.  "It's impossible."

"No, she DID defeat Nightmare Moon.  With my help of course," Trixie looked at Rainbow Dash, who looked at her.  A look of disgust crossed Rainbow Dash's face as she realized who had been sitting next to her.

"How did YOU help?" Trixie said, "Did you sprinkle some water on Nightmare Moon?  Create a pretty rainbow to distract her?"

"NO!  I represent the element of Loyalty, and along with the other five elements we were able to defeat Nightmare Moon and turn her back into Princess Luna."  Rainbow dash said, landing and getting into Trixie's face.  "You got a problem with that?"

Trixie didn't have a retort, how could she?  The letter writer, and now Rainbow Dash both mentioned Twilight defeating Nightmare Moon.  But this was different, Princess Luna was the demon who tried to make eternal night?  Trixie had met Luna when she performed in Canterlot, the princess was not like that.  She was quiet, lonely, and unsure of herself.  Trixie could tell because she felt like that a long time ago.  But she wouldn't think about her past again today.  Trixie merely gave a dirty look to Rainbow Dash and walked away.

The rest of the night went rather quick, and before she really knew it Trixie was walking back to the Library with Twilight Sparkle.  The first portion of the walk was in silence, but apparently Twilight couldn't take the silence.

"Well, it seems that you had a good time."  Twilight said, looking at Trixie.  Trixie nodded, she was too deep in thought.  "I noticed you managed to keep your ego in check for the night.  Keep that up and I'm sure you'll make some friends."  Trixie nodded again, not really listening.  "You know… I'm here to study the magic of friendship.  I'm interested in what you can teach me."

"Teach… you?" Trixie said, the words had not fully connected with the blue unicorn's mind.  She thought that Twilight was supposed to be teaching her, not the other way around.

"Well, I've learned a lot of things about the magic of friendship from my friends."  Twilight said, "I'm sure I can learn some from everyone, even you."  The purple unicorn smiled as the approached the tree that housed the library.  "After all, you're not all that bad are you?  You're learning too."  Trixie merely nodded, back to her thoughts.

That night Trixie lay awake in her bed.  She could hear Twilight sleeping soundly in the bed opposite of her.  As she thought of Twilight sleeping her heart began to race and that strange feeling returned in her gut.  No, she wasn't a fillyfooler was she?  The unicorn had never given it any thought before.  She had never looked for a relationship before, even tried to avoid it.  But perhaps love isn't something that you can find.  Perhaps love is something that really finds you.

No, I'm only envious of her.  Trixie thought angrily to herself.  I don't love her.  I CAN'T love her; she's the one thing standing in my way of becoming great.  Trixie turned over in her bed.  She thought of what Rainbow Dash had told her at the party.  Of course she knew that Rainbow wasn't really thinking about who she was talking to at the time, but she still thought it was sincere.

A strange feeling in your chest huh?  Trixie thought.  Well it couldn't be love because she didn't have a strange feeling in her chest at all.  It was a strange feeling in her gut.  Could it still be love?  As Trixie thought about the strange feeling in her, she couldn't really tell herself that it was envy.  She felt envy before, and this wasn't envy.

I'm not gay.  Trixie thought bitterly to herself.  But the more she thought the more she wondered.  She had never met another pony that made her have that strange feeling in her, only ever was it Twilight.  Though it couldn't be love or else she would have felt it when she first met Twilight a year ago, wouldn't she have?

But love didn't develop overnight, isn't that what her father had told her?  That he didn't fall in love with her mother until they knew each other for a while.  Trixie started to tear up at the memory of her mother.  Her mother always told Trixie that she was special, that she would go somewhere.  But she had died when Trixie was young, just after Trixie got her Cutie Mark.

Trixie rolled over and covered her face with her pillow.  She'd talk with Twilight in the morning.  Twilight would probably have something to say.  I'll only ask her in passing, Trixie thought to herself, I don't want her to freak out.  She smiled to herself, and the unicorn drifted off to sleep.

Trixie rose late the next day.  When she looked outside she noticed that it was already almost noon.  She wondered why Twilight hadn't woken her to start the day's lesson.  Perhaps the unicorn forgot, or perhaps she was being given the day off.  Trixie wondered for a minute, eventually deciding to go look for Twilight.  She wanted to ask her about fillyfoolers.  A curious sensation of what might be considered nerves mixed with a bitter taste in her mouth of asking this particular unicorn about love.

Trixie walked down the stairs of the bedroom and into the main library.  Twilight wasn't there, but Trixie felt a light tug on her horn.  She looked towards the ceiling; she could tell someone was doing some magic up there.  Trixie assumed that it was Twilight, and decided to check it out.  She cantered up the stairs, noticing that Twilight wasn't on the second floor.  Trixie continued up the library, eventually coming to the door that led to the top floor.  The blue unicorn opened the door, and there was Twilight with a large glow around her horn.  Whatever spell she was casting was powerful.

Trixie walked as quietly as she could into the room, then trying to quietly close the door behind her.  A wave of magic pelted through the room slamming the door behind her.  The sound startled Twilight who looked to the sound instinctively.  Almost immediately a burst of light pelted from Twilight's horn and hit Trixie full in the chest.

Trixie collapsed, her body starting to heat up.  Her vision started to blur and she was shaking.  Whatever that spell was it was doing something to her.  All to suddenly the sudden heat started to leave, she could barely make Twilight out panting and saying something.  The edges of Trixie's vision were starting to go black.  Is this it?  Trixie thought to herself, Have I performed my last?  Trixie's vision was nothing but blackness as she clearly heard Twilight call her name out.  Then Trixie heard no more.

To Be Continued…
Part 1 of what I hope to be a three part series, might end up as four depending on how things go out. I certainly know that this absolutely went in all sorts of directions I didn't expect it to go, though fortunately I still managed to get from Point A to point B in this story.

I don't own the Ponies, but this is most certainly written by me as a fan work.

Comment if you like it or if you have any suggestions for me =3

Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
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Kishori-kun Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
I would consider it a favor if you were to post a few more of these... Would it help if I said please?
Armasyll Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
I liked it; moar :3
Destroy93 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011

Hmmmm.... is that some undertoned fluttershy/twilight?
Introbulus Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
...This is my favorite kind of story. Pleeeeease tell me you're going to write more. :3
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Of course I'm going to write more =3

And to those who are worried about a serious relationship not developing, it might and it might not, depends on where the story takes me. HOWEVER! This three to four part story likely won't be the last you see of this pair, or shipping stories from me in general. What I've got planned for our favourite two-toned blue unicorn is big, real big. I've also got some rather big plans concerning Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mane cast.

What I'm trying to say is; when Swapped is finished it is by no means the end of the story, just the end of that particular story arc. Wink wink ;D
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This looks very promising. I can't wait until the next part to see where it goes.

Also, hehe, the first three commenters all have Rainbow Dash as their profile pic.
Fardrik Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011
Can't wait to see how this develops. Awesome story, Trixie rock!
Nines-Tempest Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

No, but really, this is a good story. Three parts eh? I hope you can develop more than a little crush in three parts, and I look forward to how the story continues. I like it so far. Trixie's emotions seem simple and you're setting her motivation to act that way very clearly. I can't way to see how she tries to ask Twilight about that... lol.
weemadtommy Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
(first sentence.)
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