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Part 2: Celestial Accident

Pain, a dull aching pain permeated all throughout Trixie's body.  Every time she tried to move all she could feel was a stiff aching pain.  She concentrated on what happened, trying to figure out why she felt this way.  She had been going up to talk with Twilight about some strange feelings, and then what?  A spell, Trixie remembered there being a spell and it had hit her full-on.  Was she dead then?  No, she could feel; feeling certainly meant that she was alive.

But what kind of shape was she in?  Trixie was afraid to open her eyes and look at herself.  She might have mutated into some hideous monster, or she might no longer be a unicorn.  She might not be able to deal with a loss of magic.  She certainly didn't feel the same, but she couldn't pinpoint of what was different.  There appeared to be something touching her back, that was certain, but through the pain in her body she couldn't tell what it could be.

"Trixie?"  Twilight's voice, was it her voice?  It certainly sounded like her, Trixie shivered slightly as a strange loopy sensation coursed through her body at the idea of Twilight being so close.  The pain was starting to go away now, almost as if the thought of Twilight was some sort of antiseptic.  "Trixie are you awake?  Can you open your eyes?"  Twilight's voice came again, a little closer this time.  Trixie didn't want to open her eyes, afraid of what she might see.  But slowly, ever so slowly the pony cracked one eye open, and then the other.

The first thing that greeted her was a bright light, but as her eyes adjusted she noticed that it was merely daylight.  Then she noticed Twilight standing over her with a concerned look on her face.  Never before had Trixie looked at the unicorn and thought of such beauty.  But this wasn't the time to think about that, something had to be seriously wrong or else the purple unicorn wouldn't have looked so worried.

"Your eyes opened, that's a good thing." Twilight said, looking around.  "Oooh, if only something hadn't happened to Celestia, she would know what to do."

Something happened to Celestia?  Trixie thought to herself, What happened to Celestia?  What could possibly happen to a winged unicorn?

"Tw… Twi…" Trixie tried to say, her mouth feeling overly large and somewhat clumsy.

"Now don't worry Trixie, I'll figure something out." Twilight said, dancing on the spot out of nerves.  "We'll get you back to normal in no time."

Back to normal in no time.  Those words more than anything sent panic through Trixie, what was wrong with her?  Did she lose something critical?  Did her legs disappear, or perhaps her beautiful hair?  Her horn did something happen to her horn!?  It was the one thing that allowed her to use her magic, the one thing that made her special, different from Earth and Pegasus Ponies.

"Twilight… wha-wh-wh-what…" Trixie managed to say, shifting around.  Everything seemed to be in order.  The pain was almost gone now, and she could move her legs.  At least she thought she was moving her legs.  And her back… there still seemed to be something touching her back.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all."  Twilight replied, "We'll have you fixed up in a jiffy I'm sure!  It'll be like nothing is wrong."  Trixie was trying to stand up now, her legs seemed to be longer than she remembered.  "Oh, don't get up.  Just rest.  Yes, rest until I find some way to fix my mis- whatever happened to you."  Twilight's smile seemed a little too forced, as if she was hiding something.  Perhaps this was connected to the spell that was mis-cast.

"Twilight What Haaaa-" Trixie said, finally finding her hooves and almost falling over.  She shook her head and her balance returned.  "Twilight, what happened?  And since when have you been so short?"  Trixie was a little confused, last time she had checked Twilight was definitely her height right?  Was that what happened, Trixie grew?

"Uummm…" Twilight said, looking really nervous.  She glanced around, as if trying to find some place to escape.  No place appeared to her, and she sighed lowering her head.  "I think this might be my fault.  I tried casting a spell that was clearly beyond me and I lost control of it."

"And what did the spell do?" Trixie asked, slightly irritated.

"Well…" Twilight said, a little hesitantly, but before she could answer Spike burst into the room.

"TWILIGHT!" Spike called, holding a piece of paper before him.  "It's Celestia, news on what's happened to-" Spike broke off as he looked at Trixie.  "Twilight, who is that?" he pointed at Trixie, a confused look on his face.

"That's Trixie Spike." Twilight said with a little sigh.

"Of course it's me, how could it NOT be me?" Trixie said with a little huff.

Twilight sighed again, "Alright Spike, what's the news with Celestia?"

"According to Luna she's turned into a regular Unicorn Pony, still no idea how it happened or why it happened though." Spike said offering the letter to Twilight.

"Oh dear…" Twilight said, "If Celestia is a regular unicorn than she won't have the power to lower the sun tonight."

"You still haven't told me what happened to me twilight." Trixie said getting more and more irritated.

"Oh right…" Twilight said, "You've turned into a wing…" Twilight started but trailed off.  Trixie opened her mouth to ask for clarification, but stopped at the sheer and utter look of horror that was on Twilight's face.  "CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!" Twilight said panicking.  "Oh man, what have I done?  WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

"What exactly have you done Twilight?" Spike said a little confused.  "I'm still totally lost here, you say that's Trixie but she's far too tall and has wings."

Tall with… wings?  Trixie thought to herself, looking around at her body for the first time since she regained consciousness.  Sure enough, her body didn't look anything like hers at all, it was much larger and it indeed had a pair of wings sticking out of her back.  They were currently folded to her body, but with a light thought she was indeed able to straighten them.  Her coat was the same color though, and her cutie mark was still there.

"Don't you see Spike?  Trixie turning into a Winged Unicorn, one that is taller than any other pony out there for that matter, and Celestia turning into a Unicorn Pony?  DON'T YOU SEE?!" Twilight said with utter panic in her voice.  It started to dawn on Trixie what might have happened but Twilight said it aloud before the thought had fully formed.  "I accidentally swapped Celestia's and Trixie's bodies!  But I did it poorly so they remain relatively recognizable.  Remember that time I told you about the botched teleportation spell that swapped the two ponies bodies?" Twilight said.  Spike nodded and Twilight continued.  "This is likely a similar thing, only instead of that being a parable meant to talk about walking in another pony's horseshoes this is real, and real serious."

"Wait…" Trixie said, getting both Twilight and Spike to look at her.  "Are you telling me that I'm… I'm Princess Celestia now?"  A grin covered her face, a glint of power resonated in her eye.  "AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE IS NOW BETTER THAN EVER!"

"Stop it Trixie, this is serious." Twilight said, glaring at the pony while cowering slightly.  "We don't know what the long-term effects of this could be, it could be that if it isn't fixed both you and Celestia could DIE!"

"SILENCE FOAL!" Trixie shouted, making Twilight cower.  "My public awaits."  The new winged unicorn trotted over to the window door, a slight tinge of guilt in her gut for yelling at Twilight.  It was drowned in the idea that she, SHE of all ponies, was now the most powerful being in Equestria.  Trixie opened the door and walked out onto the balcony.  She breathed a triumphant breath before spreading her wings and taking off.

Trixie let her instincts for flight take over as she soared into the air, looking for the town square.  Within minutes she found it, zeroing in on it she dived landing with a small crash before the town hall.

"EVERYPONY LOOK AT ME!" Trixie called out, causing everypony in the vicinity to look around at her.  Trixie spread her wings wide and watched in satisfaction as jaws dropped around her.  "I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!  BOW DOWN BEFORE MY GREAT POWER!"  Trixie watched in satisfaction as ponies gathered around her.  One by one, they all started to get on their knees.  The sign of respect was what she always had dreamed of, something to show those foals that had abandoned her in her youth.

Who's the talentless one now?  Trixie thought bitterly to herself.  You were all foals for abandoning me, and I'm having the last laugh after all.

"Hey!"  A familiar voice came from above her.  Trixie looked up as Rainbow Dash came rocketing down from a cloud.  "You interrupted my nap; just what do you think you are anyway?  Some sort of princess now that you've got a pair of weak wings?"  The rainbow-haired pegasus hovered in front of Trixie with a cross look on her face.

"I am the Great and Powerful Trixie.  I may not be a princess yet, but with my power I may as well be one." Trixie said with a smug look on her face.  "Anything you do I can do better."

"Oh yeah?" Rainbow said, getting right up into Trixie's face.  "Then I challenge you to a race, from here to the Everfree Forest."  Trixie grinned smugly, but Rainbow Dash wasn't finished setting conditions.  "Oh, and NO MAGIC, wing power only."

Trixie's smug grin faltered slightly before she finally said, "Challenge Accepted."  Rainbow Dash grinned and landed next to Trixie.

"GO!" Rainbow Dash cried, launching herself off of the ground.

Trixie launched herself off of the ground moments after Rainbow Dash, but she already was losing ground.  The blue winged unicorn flapped her wings, willing herself to go faster but no matter what she tried Rainbow Dash was still faster.

I'll just cast a spell and trip that foal up, Trixie thought to herself, but before she could begin to cast a spell an image of Twilight Sparkle appeared in her mind.  "You aren't trying to cheat are you Trixie?  That wouldn't make me happy if I knew" the image said.  Trixie immediately felt guilty, Twilight wouldn't want her to cheat.  She had taken Trixie in despite the unicorn's previous encounter with Ponyville, and even consented to teach her.  "Being best isn't everything in the world."  This time Applejack's voice came up, with the image of Twilight nodding in agreement.

Trixie frowned, shaking her head and trying to clear it.  She needed to concentrate on the race, she needed to focus.  She was starting to gain ground on Rainbow Dash, but she could see the Everfree Forest in the distance.  She needed speed, and she was pushing as hard as she could.  It was amazing to her, how simple force of will was making her speed faster than flapping her wings did.  All she needed to do was keep her wings out and the rest almost took care of its self.

Soon she was right there next to Rainbow Dash, and then she passed the Pegasus.  A warm triumph glowed through her as she neared the edge of the Everfree Forest.  The end was in sight when seemingly out of nowhere Rainbow Dash managed to get an extra burst of speed and pass Trixie, landing in front of the forest first.

"Ha, I win." Rainbow Dash said crossing her legs in triumph.  "Though I have to admit, you're faster than you look.  Not just anypony can catch up to the best flyer in all Equestria, but no pony can beat Rainbow Dash in a race."

Trixie glowered as she landed.  She almost had it, but it was taken away.  If only she had cast some sort of spell to glue Rainbow Dash's wings to her body she would have won.  However a memory of the previous day invaded her mind, and Trixie was reminded that Twilight wanted her to stop boasting, be a little more humble and accept other ponies for who they were rather than trying to show that you were better than them.  Again Applejack's quote wandered through her mind, seeming to ricochet off the ideas that Twilight had instilled in her under threat of not learning any more magic.

What do I need her for anymore?  Trixie thought bitterly, though a guilty weight came with the thought.  I'm powerful aren't I?  Frustrated at loosing and confused Trixie took off, looking for a quiet place where she could think.  Trixie flew around Ponyville's sky for almost a half-hour before remembering she now could land on clouds and that would be a good secluded place to think.

Trixie landed on a cloud, testing it with her weight.  It gave slightly but she did not fall through.  The cloud seemed a little moister and a little harder than she would have thought.  Still, it was moderately comfortable and Trixie found herself easily able to curl up on top of it.  There she began to think, think about everything that had happened the past couple of days.

When she first arrived she had mistakenly asked for directions at that awful white unicorn's boutique, and had been forced into a ridiculous outfit that did nothing to accentuate her greatness.  She found where Twilight had lived, and practically had to beg the unicorn to teach her magic.  Not the most dignifying things she had ever done but at the time she was certain that the only way to defeat Twilight Sparkle was to learn everything about her.  However that stupid feeling started to appear in her gut and chest distracting her whenever she was Twilight or heard her voice.  And now while she was thinking of her that feeling returned, mixed in with a sort of tender feeling Trixie could only ever recall feeling towards her parents.

The blue winged unicorn shook her head trying to clear it.  The feeling remained, she thought of what Rainbow Dash had unknowingly said to her the night before.  "Well, I would say it's like a strange feeling in your chest.  I can't really describe it well because it's different for everypony."  Trixie frowned, was what she was feeling love?  She had asked herself the question before, and still she could not answer it.  Her feelings seemed all jumbled up inside.  A part of her wanted to crush that pitiful purple unicorn and prove once and for all that she, the Great and Powerful Trixie, was the most powerful most special unicorn in all of Equestria.  Then another part of her wanted to listen to Twilight, and earn her trust.  Then another part of her merely wanted to be close to Twilight, regardless how it was achieved.

Trixie shook her head, why would she feel that?  She couldn't explain it; perhaps Twilight put some sort of spell on her?  No, that was one of the first rules of magic you couldn't force someone to fall in love with you.  She remembered trying it before with her friends, trying to force them to like her.  The spell worked, she was certain of it, but no change was seen.  Modifying a pony's feelings towards you just was something that magic could not do.  Moreover was Twilight the kind to force another pony to love her?  Trixie wasn't sure about that, or if Twilight would even want her affection.

Trixie remembered all of the ponies that she had humiliated the year before and their reactions to her return.  Rarity had proceeded to threaten to humiliate her, dressing her in a ridiculous red dress and hat.  Applejack had some pretty harsh words at the bar the other day, talking about how being the best wasn't everything.  Rainbow Dash… well she had gotten into an argument with her the first time she met and the second time Rainbow Dash actually challenged her to a race.  A race that she could have won if she only used magic, but something kept her from cheating.  She knew that had she raced before she started to learn from Twilight she would have done anything to win at any cost, why then did she hesitate?

"Trixie?  Is that you up there?"  Twilight's voice, another rope added to the tangled knot that was Trixie's emotions.  Trixie looked over the edge of her cloud and saw Twilight below.  The purple unicorn appeared so small from Trixie's high vantage point.

Perhaps I'm really the small one, Trixie thought to herself.  The blue winged unicorn stood on the cloud, and leaped off gliding to the ground slowly.  Perhaps I really have been shallow, perhaps Applejack and Twilight were right.  Perhaps I don't need to be the best and stick to my real talent of performance.  Trixie landed on the ground in front of Twilight.

"I heard you raced with Rainbow Dash," Twilight said with a small smile.  "From what I heard you didn't cheat.  I'm very impressed with that."

"I lost though…" Trixie said dejectedly.

"But that's a good thing."  Twilight said nuzzling Trixie lightly.  The action sent chills through her body, though Trixie told herself that it was just a friendly nuzzle.  "You can learn a lot from failure, often times more than you can learn from winning.  My friends Applejack and Rainbow Dash had to learn that during the Running of the Leaves, that sometimes winning really isn't everything."  Trixie looked down on Twilight.  Even though they were both standing on the ground Twilight seemed so tiny.

"I guess so…" Trixie said quietly.

"Come on, let's go home.  I got word that until we can get you and Celestia back into your own bodies Luna will take care of both the Sun and Moon." Twilight said turning around and starting to trot away.  Trixie hesitated for a moment, but decided to follow her.  She had nowhere else to go after all.

After about five minutes Trixie remembered what she wanted to ask Twilight that morning.  It seemed more urgent now, what with the tangle of emotions inside her undulating like a mass of writhing snakes.  "Twilight?  Can I ask you a question?" Trixie said, slightly nervous.  She didn't want Twilight to know that she had feelings for her, at least not now.

"Sure Trixie, what is it?" Twilight said looking over her shoulder to Trixie.

"How do you know when you're in love with somepony?"  Trixie said, blushing slightly.

"Well… I don't know to be honest." Twilight said, looking forward again her brow wrinkled as she thought.  "From what I've read you know when you're in love when you feel you're in love.  Kinda ridiculous I know, but the books do often say a few symptoms."

"Like… what kind of symptoms?" Trixie asked with a failed attempt at a light airiness.

"Oh, things like hearing that person in your head, or thinking about them when you don't have anything else to think about." Twilight said pausing a moment to wave one of her hooves around.  "Just silly filly things like that.  Why do you ask anyway?"  Twilight continued walking, though she looked over at Trixie again.

"Oh no reason." Trixie said, looking away from Twilight.  The purple unicorn shrugged and returned her gaze forward.

The sun was already setting by the time the two got to the library.  "Spike's away at Canterlot trying to figure out what exactly happened with Celestia and a way we can fix whatever happened." Twilight said as she opened the door.  Trixie had to duck slightly to enter the building now.

"Twilight?  I've got another question for you." Trixie said as the pair were in the tree, Twilight busy turning on the lights.

"Go ahead Trixie, I'm listening." Twilight replied as she started to pull books off the shelf, looking for anything that might aid her.  The floor already was littered with books that Twilight had already scoured.

"Well, say there's this unicorn that you like…" Trixie started off, trying to think of how to phrase her question without being too obvious with her feelings.  "They're kind, smart, and extremely good with magic.  However you're not sure you like them, but you think you do.  How would you figure it out?"

"No, no, no, this isn't what I'm looking for." Twilight said throwing books everywhere with her magic.  "Sorry Trixie, I'm a bit distracted right now.  Can you ask me later?"

Trixie frowned, just a minute ago Twilight said she was listening.  Still, the bitter hatred of the purple unicorn which had been going away only melted further at this.  Trixie had to admit that Twilight's obsession of thinking everything was to be found in a book was somewhat cute.  Obsession of thinking everything was to be found in a book…

"Twilight, that spell that you cast." Trixie said stepping in front of Twilight.  "The one where you managed to swap my body with Celestia's, where did you find that?"

"What?" Twilight said distracted.  "I found it on a scroll stuffed away on the third floor, why?"

"Don't you think that we could use that to reverse the damage that way?" Trixie said, "Just cast the spell again and everything will be fine."

"Don't you think I've already thought of that?" Twilight said, "The spell wasn't even supposed to do that anyway.  It was supposed to create a sort of clone of whatever pony cast it, or a clone of the pony it was cast on."

"Oh…" Trixie said quietly.  Of course, when Trixie burst into the room earlier that day she had disrupted Twilight's concentration.  Without the force of will that was the most essential part of spell casting a spell could easily have unforeseen repercussions.  Twilight couldn't re-create the spell that had swapped Trixie with Celestia because honestly she didn't know what kind of force of will she would need.

But Trixie remembered something, from her days at the Unicorn University.  Sure it was some time ago, but it was still a glimmer of hope.  "Magic Theory." She said, starting to look through the books on the ground.  "You certainly have a book on advanced magic theory don't you?"

"A book on advanced magic theory?  What good is that going to do us?" Twilight said looking at Trixie.  "Knowing how magic works is good and all but I don't think it's going to help us much."

"No you foal," Trixie said, "I remember something from my days at Unicorn University about being able to reverse engineer a spell, even if you don't know how you did the spell in the first place."

Twilight gasped, "You're right!  Why didn't I think of that?"  Twilight joined the search for the book.  The library floor became messier and messier and the unicorn and winged unicorn gave little care for tidiness in their frantic search for the book.

"Found it!  Mystical Magic Mechanics: Advanced Magic Theory" Trixie called, hovering a book up with her magic.  She started flipping through the book until she found the chapter about discovering new spells.  "Here Twilight, you try and figure out what you did while I clean up a bit." Trixie said, passing the book to Twilight.  The purple unicorn nodded, hovering the book over to a surface and starting to read the chapter.

Cleaning up the library was hard work, Trixie had to make sure certain books went onto certain shelves so that perhaps in the future messes like this could be avoided.  She made a mental note of several of the titles though, but there was one at the very end of her tidying up that really caught her interest.

"Persuading the Perfect Pony Practically and Precisely?  A fillyfoolers guide to getting a girlfriend." Trixie read quietly to herself from the front cover.  "Why would Twilight need a book like this?  Well I suppose this is the Ponyville library, so they can't all be her books."  Trixie opened the book to skim the table of contents.  The very first chapter was titled 'How to know you're in love'.

That sounds perfect for me, Trixie thought, I'm confused and perhaps this will give me some clarification.

The blue winged unicorn opened to the first chapter and started to read.  Words and phrases kept leaping out at her.  'You'll know you're in love when you can't stop thinking about that special filly in your life'.  'The feeling of love is often a desire to be close to a pony; almost every pony will feel this at one point or another in their life'.  'Don't be ashamed at liking other fillies, it's perfectly natural'.

By the time Trixie got to the end of the Chapter she hadn't learned anything new about love.  Almost everything that the book had told her had already been expressed by Rainbow  Dash and Twilight.  But there was something about how the book phrased it that made the concept of love just so much more clear to Trixie.  The winged unicorn looked over her shoulder to the tinier Twilight.  She knew at this point without a doubt that it was love that she felt.  She still felt somewhat jealous at Twilight, at her power and knowledge of magic, but she couldn't help but admire her at the same time.

"I'VE GOT IT!" Twilight said triumphantly.  "But the spell would be far too powerful for me to cast intentionally."

"I could do it." Trixie said, shocking herself in saying it.  Yes she knew that she could do it, but returning to her original body meant giving up the ability to fly, not to mention all the power that she hadn't even gotten to test out.  But some part of her knew that she could never be with Twilight like this.  She would likely end up having to take Celestia's place as ruler of Equestria, raising the sun every morning and lowering it at night.

"You think you're up to it?" Twilight asked a slight tone of worry in her voice.

"Just show me what to do" Trixie said confidently.  "I'm certain I can do it."  Twilight opened her mouth to say something, but whatever it was she thought better and simply nodded.

The two ponies stood opposite of each other, Twilight looking nervous and Trixie looking determined.  Twilight looked at Trixie, who nodded to show that she was ready.  They both knew the risks of this spell, how that if Trixie messed any small part of the spell up then the situation could go from bad to worse.

Twilight closed her eyes, concentrating on showing the directions of the spell to Trixie.  Trixie watched as the directions flowed before her.  Mentally thanking her unicorn magic allowing her to see the floating directions that Twilight was displaying.  Then her horn started to glow as she began to follow them.

It seemed as if time had stopped for Trixie as she slowly and meticulously cast the spell.  A light blue glow enshrouded her, and she could feel her consciousness starting to slip.  She had to fight it though, she had to finish the spell.  She struggled, but there came a point where she could not struggle any further.  She felt the same heat rise in her body as she did last time the spell was cast upon her, then the heat leaving her body.  She prayed it had worked as her consciousness slipped away from her, and she fell to the ground.

To Be Continued…
Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Ok, I have no idea if I just set a standard that I'm going to have to live up to, if I jumped the shark, or if no one will really care. So yeah, Trixie is now Celesita, sort of. We gets lots of more lovely character development, and Trixie finally comes to terms with her feelings. This means the MAIN story will be wrapped up next time. I was only going to extend it to a 4 part story if the Princess Trixie bit (As I call it) ended up having so much content that I'd have to split it into two halves. I'd say too much content is somewhere around 7k words, but this is roughly the same size as the other one, slightly shorter to be honest. Also, to EVERYONE out there who want a lovey dovey ending, I'm going to tell you up front you aren't going to get instant satisfaction from this story. I'm planning a series of various shipping fics to develop the overly complicated love triangle I have built around Twilight (There's also one that revolves around Rainbow Dash, but we'll get to those fics later, mainly because that particular love triangle is really complicated, involving all sorts of strange and lovely feelings.) HOWEVER! Because everyone seems to want a happy ending with everybody's favorite couple (Besides Appledash, Pinkiedash, well anything with Dash really ;D) I will be writing an alternate ending to the story to satisfy your needs. That ending, however, will not be cannon or expanded on by my writings.
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I am, to be frank, astonished that you're correcting me on an old piece of work. Moreover I'm astonished at how rude you're being about it.
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That would be amazing, Editors are always welcome. If you're on MSN or Skype just shoot me a PM and we'll exchange contact information. If not Shoot me a PM and we can arrange something else. Thanks for the compliment by the way, always nice to hear someone appreciates my writings =D Now if only I could draw as well I could write... oh well, it'll come eventually as I keep practicing.
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Caught a typo.

"It started to dawn on Trixie what might have happened but Twilight said it allowed before the thought had fully formed."

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Other than that, it's pretty good! Not what I expected, but still not bad.
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011
Thanks, made the fix. Probably a combination of my abysmal spelling, half-rushing to get this done and not really paying attention, trying to force myself to get the 'anypony' kind of puns in there, as well as Word's Auto Correct. Regardless, thanks for pointing that out =D
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you did well! i thought making trixie into celestia was gonna fail pretty badly tbh, but you really surprised me and made it enjoyable! also lol at the book trixie finds: "Persuading the Perfect Pony Practically and Precisely? A fillyfoolers guide to getting a girlfriend."
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As a fan of transformation as a plot device, I am fascinated by this story.

I found myself wondering if princess pegasi are inherently wiser, due to the combination of the Pegasus sense for weather, the Earth Pony connection to the earth, and the unicorn understanding of magic.
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Hm...Princess Trixie, I did not see coming. I was expecting something like Trixie and Twilight swapping bodies. As for your words about not getting an immediate lovey dovey ending, well, I don't mind. I like the idea of a series of connected fics around the same basic concept, so I look forward to seeing where you take all of this.
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April 12, 2011
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