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Part 3: New Spring

Trixie woke to a pleasant smell that she couldn't quite place.  She opened her eyes to see Twilight asleep a short distance away.  A smile crossed her face as she got to her feet.  She felt fine, but she wasn't reassured she was back to normal until she went over to look in the mirror.  She indeed was herself again.

Trixie stared long and hard at her reflection, did she do the right thing?  She knew that the power wasn't really hers to control, but for a short time it was indeed hers.  She could have been the ruler of Equestria, taking her place as a truly great pony.  Even if she decided that she didn't want to rule she could have easily gained the respect of all of Equestria with her power.  Why had she given the power up?

The answer came to her as she continued to look in the mirror.  Twilight's sleeping reflection caught her eye.  She loved Twilight, and knew how distraught the purple unicorn had been for doing this.  Trixie found that her own ego was nothing compared to her desire to be near Twilight.  Right now Trixie only wanted one thing, and that was Twilight's affection.  The blue unicorn trotted over to Twilight and nuzzled her softly.  Twilight mumbled something, and put a hoof out lightly pushing Trixie away.

I'll let her wake up on her own.  Trixie thought to herself, trotting away from Twilight.  In the mean time I'll make up with her friends that I upset last time I was here.  Trixie smiled lightly to herself, though the notion felt strange.  Never before had she thought of making real friends.  However, from what Twilight had told her friends were a huge source of power and comfort.  It wouldn't be easy, but Trixie knew that to get close to Twilight would mean getting close to her friends.

Trixie left the top room, cantering down the stairs and meeting Spike on the second floor.  "She's sleeping, let her rest." Trixie said with a smile.

"Alright, I don't want to be the one to wake her up with bad news anyway." Spike said, wiping his brow and holding a letter in one of his claws.
"Bad news?  You don't mean Celestia…?" Trixie said concern in her voice.  Had she messed up?  Did she not properly transfer the powers back and now some pony else was superpowered?

"Oh no, Celestia is back to normal." Spike said, "But Twilight got another strange letter today, and this one started to sound a little creepy."

"Let me see…" Trixie said advancing on Spike.

"But it's her letter…" Spike said a little nervously.

"Well you read her letters don't you?  Letter now." Trixie glared.  Spike opened his mouth to protest, but Trixie yanked the letter out from his grip and spread it before her.

To the bearer of my affections Twilight Sparkle,

I was very impressed with your recent triumph.  It's rather impressive that you not only had the power to reduce Celestia down to a normal unicorn, but fully transfer her power to another recipient.  It's no wonder that Celestia is teaching you personally.  I'm also very impressed with your ability to reverse the process, and while I don't think it was a good thing for you to put the whole of Equestria into peril, I find that sort of  dangerous prank rather attractive.  I love Celestia as much as the next pony, but seeing her brought down even for a day sparked a strange desire in me towards you.  It is also impressive that you were able to reverse the spell, though I knew you could do it all along.  I want to see you, and I am currently trying to arrange time off from my busy daily life to come see you in person.

Eagerly awaiting our approaching union,

Your Eternal Lover.

Trixie stepped away from the scroll, a mixture of anger and jealousy coursing through her.  She had been the one who cast the spell, the one who had returned Celestia back to normal.  Perhaps the admirer didn't know that, and merely assumed that Twilight did the reversal since she had cast the initial spell.  Though while the anger did subside slightly the jealousy did not.  Trixie didn't know this pony, but whomever they were they were not worthy of Twilight.

"Tell her that the spell worked and wait an hour before giving her the letter." Trixie instructed as Spike rolled the letter up looking disgruntled.  "She should feel good about fixing her mistake before reading this… letter."  Trixie gave a disapproving glare at the scroll before trotting over to the stairs again.  "I'm going out, it IS daylight isn't it Spike?"  Spike frowned pointing to the window.  The morning sun was just over the horizon and was glinting in the window.  "Oh… Well I'm off."  Spike rolled his eyes as Trixie cantered over to the stairs and headed to the first floor.

The morning air was crisp, the sky was only slightly cloudy, and it promised to be a beautiful day.  The morning was like the first day of spring to Trixie.  Winter Wrap Up had always been her favorite holiday, if only because spring was her favorite season.  Trixie's mood was lifted slightly, despite the daunting task that was ahead of her.  Who was she going to talk to first?  She knew that the imperative ones were Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack.

The decision on who she would talk to first seemed to be decided for her, however, as she noticed Rainbow Dash standing on a fence looking slightly irritated but otherwise in a good mood.  Well, I'll start with her then.  Trixie said, though with how much she shows off it's a wonder that they attacked me so much.  Trixie approached Rainbow Dash, taking a deep breath before speaking.  "Hi, Rainbow Dash isn't it?"

"Yeah, what is it?" Rainbow Dash said, "Listen I've got a date today and I don't have time to show you up today."

"Excuse me?  Show me up?" Trixie said taking a step back.  "I may not have wings anymore but even without them I'll show you who the better pony is."

"Excuse me?!  Listen Trixie, I'm the best flyer in all Equestria, I did the Sonic Rainboom.  Twice!"  Rainbow Dash took a few steps towards Trixie.  "I'd like to see you do that."  Trixie snorted, then shook her head.  She was supposed to be making friends, not enemies.  "Hah, you're all talk and no walk."

"Listen, I'm not trying to pick any fights." Trixie said through her teeth.  But you're not making it very easy.  She thought to herself.  "I just thought that since I'm going to stay I'm sorry for the trouble I caused when I was last here, and that perhaps we can put that behind us."

"Only when you accept that I'm the better of the two of us." Rainbow Dash said with a smug grin.

"NO!" Trixie said pawing the ground.  "I'll show you just how Great and Powerful I am in time!  You just watch; you'll be the one who will have to admit I am the better."

"Oh really?" Rainbow Dash said, forcing her forehead against Trixie's.

"Ooo, I think you're going to have to BOTH accept that the other is better than the other." Pinkie Pie's voice came from beside the two ponies.

"What?!" Both Rainbow Dash and Trixie said in confusion as they looked over to see the pink pony sitting and watching the two argue.

"Pinkie Pie?  How long have you been there?" Rainbow Dash asked, "And when did you get here?"

"I got here about five minutes ago, which is how long I've been here silly." Pinkie Pie said, bouncing over to Rainbow Dash.  Trixie chuckled at Rainbow Dash's expression.  "Ready for our date today?"

"Yeah yeah, just try not to be too crazy." Rainbow Dash said with a roll of her eyes.  "As for you, I'll see you later and prove to you I'm the better pony." Rainbow Dash said, though with a slight smirk on her face.

"Until then, I'll certainly look forward to it." Trixie said a similar smirk on her own visage.  "Trouncing you that is."  The two glared at each other, smirking before walking off in separate directions, Pinkie following Rainbow Dash.

That probably could have gone better.  Trixie thought to herself as she walked off.  The stuck up pegasus, who does she think she is?  But I think we left off on a good note, I think.  Trixie continued to walk off, pondering how she could have been criticized when Rainbow Dash was just as stuck up as she was.  She settled on the notion that last time she was in Ponyville she was actively looking to pick fights, and from what she heard of Rainbow the Pegasus was generally pleasant to be around.  Perhaps she'll find that out for herself in time.

When Trixie next took a look at her surroundings she found herself to be at the entrance of Sweet Apple Acres.  She blinked, trying to get her bearings in the unfamiliar area.  However, she did notice Applejack working the orchard off in the distance.  Though Trixie wasn't sure if interrupting the orange pony's work was the best way to attempt to make a new impression it certainly seemed convenient.

"Hello Applejack." Trixie said as she approached Applejack.

"Well howdy, you ain't here just to pick a fight this time are you?" Applejack said, stopping her bucking and giving a scrutinizing gaze at Trixie.

"No," Trixie said shaking her head.  "I just wanted to apologize for all the trouble I caused last year.  I know I can't take back what I did to you, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity but I want to make it up."  Trixie kicked the ground slightly, for some reason this was harder than with Rainbow Dash.  "I'm just hoping we can have a fresh start."

"Just as friends right?" Applejack asked with a sort of forced tone.  Trixie nodded.  "Well, I think I can deal with that.  It's mighty kind and considerate of ya to come and apologize like that.  Takes a lot of guts sugar cube."

"Thank you, now I need to go apologize to, I think her name is Rarity right?  The white unicorn." Trixie said looking around.

"Ah…" Applejack said a little nervously, "Ah don't know if that's such a good idea Trix-"

"Applejack!  There you are." Rarity's voice came from Applejack's house.  Applejack and Trixie looked around to see Rarity cantering towards them.  "Oh and Trixie too.  I ran into Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, Rainbow said you apologized to her!  I'm rather surprised."

"Yes, and I was actually looking for you as well." Trixie said with a slightly forced smile on her face.  She couldn't help but remember her rather rude re-introduction to Ponyville by Rarity.  "I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.  I want to start over, will you give me that chance?"

"Of course darling, just a fresh start." Rarity said, "And I think Applejack needs to do the same thing."

"Wha?  What do ya mean?" Applejack said looking at Rarity.

"I was just in your room, looking for you." Rarity said.

"WHAT IN TARNATIONS WERE YOU DOING IN MAH ROOM?!" Applejack blew up advancing towards Rarity.  "That room is supposed to be private; I can't just let any pony wander in."

"I'm sorry, but I asked Apple Bloom where you were and she said you were in your room." Rarity said, tossing her mane and looking dignified.  "But that's not the point, when I went into your room I noticed your diary on your bedside table."

"You didn't…" Applejack said her eyes opening in horror.  Trixie backed away slightly just in case Applejack decided to buck out in anger.

"Only a peak, and I have to say I'm surprised that the spirit of Honesty would lie like you did." Rarity said glaring at Applejack.  "How could you?"

"Lie!?  I didn't tell no lie, you're making that up." Applejack said, pointing a hoof at Rarity.

"Well, I'm just going to go now… see you both around." Trixie said smiling awkwardly before bolting off.  She heard Applejack shout, but she couldn't make out what the words were.  Well, that wraps up all the ponies I upset last year.  Time to head back to the library and check up with Twilight.

By the time she returned to the library it was already noon.  Trixie's stomach growled as she thought about getting some lunch soon.  She walked into the Library where she saw Twilight reading over a letter.  "Twilight?" Trixie said nervously.

"Ah Trixie, just reading this letter that the strange mysterious admirer I have sent." Twilight said frowning slightly.  "Spike said you read it this morning, did you find anything odd with it?"

"Other than the writer seemed to have a fairly intimate knowledge of what goes on in the Palace and that I wasn't given credit for the magic I did and the fact that they're gunning for you without ever having met you… nope" Trixie said, rolling her eyes slightly.  "Why, do you find something out of place?"

"Well, this and the last letter, the writer seems to know a lot about me." Twilight said, "I tried to talk to you about this with the last letter.  The only ponies who were there when we vanquished Nightmare Moon were Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and myself."  Trixie frowned as she noted that all the ponies that Twilight had mentioned, with the exception of Celestia and Luna, were friends that Twilight had in Ponyville.  "And we really didn't tell most ponies, I don't even think Rainbow Dash went around bragging about it.  And I don't really think it would be widely pronounced that Celestia had lost all her powers, even within the palace."

"Yeah, that might inspire a certain amount of panic…" Trixie said, a slight guilty weight in her stomach for having thoughts of keeping the powers.

"Exactly, so we should be able to find out who this pony is if we can identify who would have known about Celestia's loss of powers." Twilight said triumphantly.

"The only ponies I can think of who would have that kind of access would be… Princess Luna and the guards." Trixie said frowning as she thought.  "It's not likely that Luna would have developed a crush on you, so do you think it's one of the guards?"

"It'd be possible… the script is different from either Celestia's or Luna's cursive and was clearly written without magic." Twilight said thinking, "But there are hundreds of guards, and they all look the same.  However, they're all pegasuses which would mean they wouldn't be able to write with magic."

"Is this really all that important?" Trixie asked, her jealousy rising in her chest again.

"No, but it is strange that's all." Twilight said, "I suppose I'll find out who it is when he comes to Ponyville."

The simple pronoun made Trixie's heart sink slightly.  If Twilight was indisposed to think that the writer was a male, perhaps even hoping that the writer was some sort of handsome colt, then what were the chances that she was a fillyfooler?  But Trixie didn't give up all hope; after all she never thought that she was a fillyfooler herself.  Perhaps Twilight just didn't know yet either, and perhaps it'd be Trixie's job to show her the light.

"So what have you been doing all day?" Twilight asked looking at Trixie.

"Oh, well I went around and I... err…" Trixie looked around quickly, finding it difficult to admit what she had done all day.  "Well I went around to all the ponies I humiliated last year and I apologized."  Trixie kicked the ground nervously before finishing.  "I just thought that, if I'm going to be in Ponyville for a while I don't want to have ponies who hate me."  Plus I know they're all your friends and it'll be harder to be close to you if your friends don't approve of me.  Trixie thought to herself.

"OH!  So you apologized to all my friends!" Twilight said brightening up.  "One moment, I need to take a letter."  Twilight cleared off the table, putting down a fresh scroll and pulling out some ink.

"A letter?  To who?" Trixie asked confused.

"To Princess Celestia." Twilight said as Trixie walked over to read what Twilight was writing.  "It's my duty to research and report on the magic of friendship to Princess Celestia."

"Oh, that explains why you were in such contact with Luna during the incident." Trixie said as she watched Twilight write the letter.

"Yep," Twilight said as she finished the letter.  "You can read it while I go find Spike to send it."

Dear Princess Celestia,

I learned that even though some ponies can give a bad first impression, sometimes they aren't all that bad inside.  Sometimes it is worth it to open up to a once grumpy pony and perhaps they'll turn out to be something different than what you first thought, and perhaps they might even change right before your eyes.

Your Faithful Student,

Twilight Sparkle

Trixie smiled as Twilight returned with Spike on her back.  "Hey Twilight, how about we go have some lunch?" Trixie said standing back to let Spike grab the letter.  "To celebrate our new friendship."

"That sounds wonderful Trixie." Twilight said smiling.  "It'll be my treat, particularly since without you we could have never returned Celestia's powers."

"Lead the way." Trixie said.  The two ponies smiled at each other, before heading out of the Library.  Life in Ponyville is off to a good start.  Trixie thought to herself with a smile.  A very good start indeed.
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]

Wow, we're done... with this story. I have a bonus planned out for you lot who are my fans. And for the lot who aren't my fans but just liked this story. To be honest, I'm glad I can put this behind me, and look forward to more stories I want to write. The writing, in my opinion, just seemed to get slightly weaker over the course of the story, but I'll let you lot to be the judge of that. It definitely got shorter, with the first story reaching around 5k words, and this final installment only being just shy of 3k words. Honestly, I did not see that coming, I was expecting them to all be as long as the first one but sometimes the road to get to the party is longer than the party its self.

Going into the ending of this story, it's the end of the day but not the year when it comes to my plans for fan fictions in this particular fic-verse. I've got a lot more planned out, lots of complications for the whole mane cast, plus some additional characters including Trixie, The CMC, and Zecora. I won't give away any more now of my plans, but I assure you, most of my fics will be a part of this world. I'll probably do a couple of one-shots that aren't canon with this series (Irony, talking about canon in Fan Fiction) and I'll definitely label those so you know what's canon with my main shipping stories and what isn't. Also, things might not always be in perfect chronological order. I'll try and keep the fics in general chronological order, but some might appear that give a certain fic in a different perspective or to tell a parallel story.

Speaking of other stories, I think our dear Rarity has been getting a lot of hate from the internets, particularly from youtube [Equestria Daily, Mon 18, 10:00] so I think the next fic I'll put up will be something for LESBIAN RARITY, since that's what everyone seems to notice with this story. Fuck Princess Trixie, Rarity is really a Lesbian, that's the IMPORTANT story. So that's the story I'll tell. Probably will have that story up tomorrow, as it's already written. I'M ON DA STORY! After that I think I'll write the quick bonus story that I'm going to do for my lovely lovely readers.
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Crystal-Eclair Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice story so far, looking forward to a new chapter soon
Zangekyo-Rebirth Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
story intersections! 0............o
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Yes, yes late on the boat but overly long comment here it goes-
Having more stories from this fic-verse is pleasing, but I don't feel it is a complete excuse for this... abrupt stop.

I feel it at least warrants an epilogue to completely finish the main story (Twixie), leaving all sub-plots/possible roads for the rest of your fic-verse stories.

I mean amirite? xD

Otherwise I don't hate this, I enjoyed my read even with the bumps I felt along the way. I just feel the ending was... meh. Not "OH MY THAT IS BAD", not "I don't like it", not even "I lean in the disliking way".... just a nice old "meh" as it got the story done with was reasonable.... well not a good/bad ending... just a meh one (yes yes, Trixie has a friend, but we don't know anything else has followed through so meh) xD

Keep up your writing :P I'm still catching up after reading through some other writers, I just feel that ending the "Swapped" story without an epilogue (with this ending of all endings) feels awkward ;)
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
Don't worry about being late on the boat. I love comments! And yes, having re-read this story I do agree that the abrupt stop is a bit jarring. I'll probably come back to this, eventually (Probably around the same time Season 2 comes out.)

I might get around to writing an epilogue, trying to end this particular story better (Seeing as I'm too lazy to try and re-write it despite the numerous flaws that I noticed during my recent re-read). I wrote this back when I was still using the handle 'Prince Shadari', and at that time I didn't have any pre-readers to help me sort through my slochk. This really was early work, and without an editor, rather stupid, pointless, and utter crap. I do like being reminded of this fic-verse though, as it really is an epic story, without the epic story.

As I've said before in both this story and the other ones, I primarily did this as a way to play with timelines. I wanted to see if I could tell multiple stories, all happening at the same time, but with different lenses and camera views thus allowing for different stories to be told at different times.

And you're not the only one who has said it stops too abruptly. As such every time I get a comment saying I need to end it better is one more step to motivating me to write a better ending. Perhaps I'll work on an epilogue next, but I'm currently working on a contest entry and I have classes starting in little over a week's time. But I have not forgotten about this! Thanks for commenting again~!
Ziddia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love this... Keep writing please!
calvindapanda Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
and i really like how all of the parts you wrote cohered so well from all the different points of views. i really must say that it was an incredible job and very well orchestrated.
calvindapanda Featured By Owner May 14, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
awesome story. very well written!
DooDawDay Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i read the side story first (the one with applejack and rarity) sorry I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I do remember the story and that I loved it very clearly. I remember noting that it was an add on to this story (according to ED) but I was weary of reading because I never really liked Trixie. you sir have made me eat my words. this was a fantastic story and I would love to read a continuation...?
DooDawDay Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fashionably faux, that was it! loved that one. also I read up there ^ that there were other stories in this particular "fic-verse". would you be so kind as to tell me which of your works these are as I am intrigued. please keep up the good work!
Thanks for writing/sharing!
bluesub06 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
my money is on Luna. But knowing the author, it's probably a plot twist no one will ever see coming.
bluesub06 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
The subject being who is Twilights mysterious admirer of course.
RioZLander666 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
oh i cant wait to see what other stories come from this i really like how you played Trixie it really sound like her. and apple jack wow wish i knew what she wrote in here diary
Auraion Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
Surprise PinkieDash FTW

also is that some Applejack/Rarity?

And, by using my super phoenix wright detective powers... Twilight's stalker is...

[possible spoilers]

That pony from the first chapter, the one who blushed at the tough of Twilight.
and that pony is Fluttershy, your honor.

[/possible spoilers]

and now I'm gonna read the AJ/Rarity one
HolyDemonAndy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
This was a pretty good fanfiction, and I enjoyed the ending. Due to part 2's description however, I assumed that this one would have an ending where Trixie got denied by Twilight, but I guess not.

Grammar and spelling were top notch, I don't remember any mistakes.
SweetieBelle-FiM Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
This is cute, I like it. However I did find it to be a little rushed, it ended too quickly.
ComTwoKForty Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
I like all 3 parts of this fanfic! Altough sadly, the ending sounded a tiny bit rushed I still like it! Waiting for more parts!
download13 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
What?! That's it?!
What about all those unfinished plot lines?
You made a big deal about Twilight's stalker and then ended the story?
Not to mention Trixie's crush, Fluttershy's crush, Luna's pamphlet campaign, Applejack's possible lying, etc.
Are you trolling us?
I demand resolution!
ShadeRyuInari Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
I've already stated that there are going to be more stories within this fic-verse. I do intend on resolving things with further stories. Don't worry, I'm not usually in the habit of leaving plot points hanging, its just this story was meant to be a sort of intro to the wider scheme of things. How long will it be until points will be resolved? Not sure, I go where the story takes me. I am NOT trolling you, or intending to troll you or anything like that. Resolution will come, but in other stories. Be patient and you'll see. I warned you lot before that there wouldn't be a clear-cut ending to the story, so it really shouldn't be a shock. More will be resolved, I assure you, in time. If you want resolution for the dangling threads that are left in this ball of yarn you'll just have to keep reading my fics ;D
download13 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
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